Discover how higher education institutions have leveraged Tambellini analyst and advisory services to achieve exceptional results.

Seneca College: Technology Procurement Advisory Services for Finance, Human Resources, and Student

Seneca College committed to streamlining processes and improving services across student, financial, and human resources systems. They engaged the services of The Tambellini Group, who advised the college on navigating the complexities of RFP preparation, vendor selection, and contract negotiations. Tambellini helped Seneca ensure the best business and technology decisions were made while mitigating financial and business risk.

Advisory Research Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation and Advisory Services: Licensing and Implementation Services for Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, and Student for Furman University

Targeting its finance, human resources, payroll, and student systems, Furman University elected to replace its aging legacy system with a cloud solution. The university engaged The Tambellini Group to provide contract negotiation and advisory services for this major technology investment. Tambellini identified nearly $2 million in savings, reduced risk, and negotiated business and legal protections.

Contract Negotiation

Contract Advisory Services: ERP and Implementation Services Agreements for the Nevada System of Higher Education

Nevada System of Higher Education set out to modernize its legacy finance, human resources, and payroll systems. The Tambellini Group reviewed vendor offerings for cloud-based solutions and implementation services, and advised on business and legal terms. Following complex negotiations, Tambellini’s contract advisory services saved the system millions of dollars, while reducing the project risk.

Advisory Research Contract Negotiation