Disclosure Statement

The Tambellini Group (Tambellini) is an analyst firm that provides advisory services as an additional value-added option for our higher education institution members. Tambellini does not recommend nor make decisions on an institution’s behalf; we gather and provide information and to aid institutions in making the best decision for themselves.

We are able to offer these advisory services because of our years of research focused on higher education technology. As the largest group of analysts serving higher education, Tambellini has relationships throughout higher education and has non-disclosures and confidentiality agreements with every major platform vendor and provider of services in the industry.

Tambellini conducts hundreds of vendor briefings with companies each year. Unlike other analyst firms, we cover technology companies and service providers relevant to higher education, whether they are a Tambellini member or not.

It is Tambellini’s comprehensive and vendor-neutral research that has led both institutions and industry providers to want to work with Tambellini. While the majority of our members are colleges and universities, industry vendors and investors may also become members and access Tambellini research.


Does Tambellini have any partners or partnerships?

Tambellini does not have any partners. Tambellini does not participate in any vendor partner programs. Tambellini supports the only vendor-neutral user group for administrative software (HEUG) by providing discounts and incentives to members. Tambellini has offered buying group discounts.

Does Tambellini receive any payments from vendors related to lead generation, or selling vendor services?

No. Tambellini does not gather leads or sell leads to vendors. Tambellini does not earn any fees from vendors for participation in sales or service transactions. There are no kickbacks from vendors to Tambellini.

Who are Tambellini’s customers?

Tambellini does not publish its customer list. The majority of Tambellini’s members are institutions. Vendors, service providers, investment banks, and venture capital firms can become members.

Does Tambellini have ties to any firm?


Does Tambellini do business through third parties?

No. Since 2001, Tambellini acted as a sub-contractor one time for the convenience of a client. On three occasions, Tambellini agreed to submit bids to public institutions as a sub-contractor. However, Tambellini will only contract directly with clients.