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“Barry University has relied on The Tambellini Group for contract advisory services on multiple occasions. TTG assisted Barry with Workday negotiations, and we made progress that we are certain we would not have made without TTG. Without hesitation we recommend that institutions consult with TTG prior to signing contracts for administrative systems and implementation services.”

Yvette A-M Brown, Vice President for Technology and CIO, Barry University

“Excellent information to guide critical business and education decisions on campus.”

Michael Mathews, Associate Vice President Technology and Inovation, Oral Roberts University

“The 2013 SIS Market Trend report has helped us tremendously to better understand both the state of the SIS market and the developing trends within. We work with many large analyst firms and yet we continue to reference the Tambellini report as the most valuable contributor to our understanding of the changes in the SIS market.”

Michael Jones, Director of Business Strategy, Bridgepoint Education

“As an old IT Director who is new to Higher Education, I found the 2013 SIS Market Report to be of extraordinary value in learning the SIS marketplace very quickly. The data-driven approach to analyzing market activities was very well done and useful. The more observational insights included were especially helpful in gaining a well rounded idea of what to expect from each vendor and their offerings. I also found Vicki Tambellini’s willingness to personally engage in answering questions and to help direct me to additional resources to be an added bonus. I feel much more comfortable that our University’s search for the right SIS system will be successful having first consulted the Tambellini Group’s SIS Market Report.”

Mike Foster, Director of Information Services, William Penn University

“The Tambellini Group was simply outstanding in helping us negotiate the Oracle Agreement.”

Austin Noronha, (Acting) Strategic Procurement, McMaster University