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We recognize that every client and situation is unique. However, our clients all share the same goal—reduce risk by making well informed decisions with trusted market insights.

Following are some of the many organizations The Tambellini Group has had the pleasure of working with:

Barry University has relied on The Tambellini Group for contract advisory services on multiple occasions. TTG assisted Barry with Workday negotiations, and we made progress that we are certain we would not have made without TTG. Without hesitation, we recommend that institutions consult with TTG prior to signing contracts for administrative systems and implementation services.

Yvette A-M Brown

Vice President for Technology and CIO, Barry University

With Tambellini, I found a level of personalized experience not available with other research or advisory firms. When issues come up—like risks in an ERP implementation—The Tambellini Group quickly points them out and helps an institution understand where landmines may lie. Even better, if they don’t have data immediately available, they will get it. Tambellini is responsive not only to the questions an institution poses but also to the broader ecosystem supporting an institution’s technology decision-making.

Cindy Mitchell

CIO, Colby College

Access to Peertelligent is wonderful! The information I’ve requested and received has been very helpful. … I just need to know the facts, the strengths and weaknesses, the sweet spots, and the Achilles’ heels of the various products.

Brian Schmidt

CIO, Corban University

Working with The Tambellini Group helped us achieve our goal of balancing significant opportunity with the appropriate level of risk management. Between the avoided costs and lowered fees from our partners, the savings were substantial. Furman’s risk is also lowered and the institution has protections that may not have otherwise been obtained.

Dave Steinour

CIO, Furman University

The Tambellini Group was simply outstanding in helping us negotiate the Oracle Agreement.

Austin Noronha

(Acting) Strategic Procurement, McMaster University

Excellent information to guide critical business and education decisions on campus.

Michael Mathews

Associate Vice President Technology and Innovation, Oral Roberts University

If I could change one thing about working with The Tambellini Group, I would have brought them in earlier. If Vicki Tambellini had assisted us prior to releasing our RFP, our results might have been even better. Tambellini was part of our team and together we achieved results that impressed our Chancellor and Board Chair. We could not have achieved the same results in our time-frame without their insight and assistance.

Renee Yackira

Special Advisor to the Chancellor, Nevada System of Higher Education

Having access to the in-depth research reports, webinars, and one-on-one time with the expert analysts from The Tambellini Group significantly helped inform our evaluation of ERP solutions. Our Peerintelligent membership provided access to resources that were instrumental in supporting our strategic proposals and decisions for where we need to invest.

Deborah Noble Burak

PhD, CPA, PMP, Associate Vice President and CIO, Northampton Community College

The Tambellini Group helped set Seneca College on the path toward achieving our bold i3 initiative—Seneca’s commitment to establish streamlined processes and improved services across our student, financial, and human resources systems. The Tambellini Group worked shoulder to shoulder with our team to help ensure the best business and technology decisions were made while mitigating financial and business risk.

Roy Hart

former CIO, Seneca College

The Quarterly Analyst-Client Roundtable was well worth the time. It was short, and to the point on the topics chosen. I found useful new information in the comments made.

Thomas Lynch III

CIO, Suffolk University