Advisory Services for Peertelligent Members

Tambellini understands that building a modern technology environment is more than a project with a pre-determined timeline. In addition to the exclusive benefits received with your membership, Tambellini offers advisory services to help Peertelligent® members and their administrators create a technology strategy designed to meet the changing needs of a modern campus.

Budgetary Estimate

Work collaboratively with Tambellini analysts and advisors to develop a preliminary budgetary estimate for a technology change initiative based on the desired vendor(s) solutions, expected timing and approach, and a brief assessment of the institution’s current technology environment and available skills.


Tambellini analysts and advisors lead an assessment of core system areas to identify and confirm the institutional priorities and goals associated with a technology change initiative. Through the assessment, Tambellini will document gaps, requirements, readiness for change, high-level budgetary estimates, and recommend necessary steps to move forward.

Pre-selection Vendor Education

Collaborate with Tambellini analysts and advisors to develop a pre-selection approach that educates key stakeholders about the latest vendor solutions for finance, human capital management, and student systems. Tambellini analysts will assist in developing a high-level estimated implementation timeline.

Evaluation and Selection

Gain support for an institutional selection of a solution and the related implementation services. Tambellini works collaboratively with the institution to design and execute the evaluation and selection processes for the technology capabilities and implementation services required to be successful.  

Procurement and Contract Negotiation

Tambellini’s contract advisors have first-hand experience with industry best practices and standards. Each negotiation focuses on the institution’s business priorities, aligning legal and fiscal requirements, and assisting in aligning contracts to mitigate project and financial risk to the institution while expediting the negotiation process.

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