A Workday vs. Salesforce Implementation: Lessons Learned from Georgetown University

Beth Hayes, Deputy CIO and Director of Enterprise Services at Vassar College, interviews Linda Buckley, Assistant Vice President for Administrative Applications at Georgetown University, about some differences between implementing Workday and Salesforce. The Tambellini Group has written extensively on SIS/ERP, including Workday, as well as on CRM trends and Salesforce in higher ed. You can […]

How to Move Fast in a Slow Industry

Many of us technology leaders have been to big conferences in huge conference centers with keynote speakers up on the stage under the bright lights espousing the benefits of fast technology change—telling us that we had better get ready and move quickly or technology will pass us by. A slick video plays of a company […]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Started With iPaaS

Have you ever felt like you were swimming upstream against a tangle of requests for help from the IT department? Just before the end of the semester or budget year, multiple departments send well-meaning email requests for help setting up their new software. Replace the residential life software suite. Complete an urgent switch of vendors […]