When Numbers Aren’t Enough: The Powerful Combination of Data and Market Expertise

Top of Mind: When Numbers Aren't Enough

Finding information on the higher education technology market can be challenging. It often takes hours to find data and even more hours to draw meaningful conclusions. And while those conclusions can be beneficial to institutional leaders, many times, the numbers just aren’t enough. Mining Public Information vs. Investing in a Research Team When institutions are […]

What Is Workday’s Technology Strategy in 2022?

Top of Mind: Tambellini Insights with Dave Kieffer

Workday recently held an event for industry analysts, the Workday Summit. The event brought together many Workday senior executives (including Aneel Bhusri, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, and Chairman, Pete Schlampp, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)) for a deep set of discussions about the Workday strategy. The topics ranged from the core business to the Workday platform, architecture, and […]

Tambellini Takeaways: 2022 Higher Education Users Group Alliance Conference

Top of Mind: 2022 Higher Education Users Group Alliance Conference

The 2022 Alliance annual conference was held in Seattle in mid-March. While there were fewer attendees than usual due to continued pandemic conditions, the small numbers gave the conference a close-knit feel. Much like Tambellini’s experience at EDUCAUSE 2021, Alliance 2022 interactions were longer, deeper, and full of great questions and conversations. In addition to […]

Why Is Modernization Planning Urgent?

Top of Mind: Why Is Modernization Planning Urgent?

Over the last two years, we have heard much about digital transformation (DX) being important to higher education. DX addresses fundamental change in an institution’s approach to delivering on its core mission areas: education, research, and service. (We recently heard wisdom about how to approach it.) Digital transformation, however, is not a goal for every […]

Capturing the Rewards of Modernization

Top of Mind: Capturing the Rewards of Modernization

When establishing a modernization program, how can you focus your projects, teams, and executives on outcomes that matter? Most major software projects have tactical goals, such as completing the implementation on time and on budget, without establishing the outcome-related goals that focus on the impact of the change. One way to create and track these […]

Why Is Change So Hard for Higher Education?

Top of Mind: Why Is Change So Hard for Higher Education?

I have heard this question for decades. Why can’t higher ed modernize, become more efficient, or run more like a business? Higher education requires significant change to succeed in the coming decades. However, unlike many other industries, because of its collaborative and collegial structure, significant change cannot usually be mandated. So, it is important to […]

Enterprise CRM: Should I Care?

Top of Mind: Enterprise CRM — Should I Care?

Summary In higher education, CRM technology has traditionally been scattered across multiple functional areas for multiple purposes. For a few institutions, looking at CRM more holistically has become an imperative. Why? Should you take this approach? It is not right for every campus, as it can cause unnecessary complications. But for some institutions, the alignment […]

Verticalization Strategies of Megavendors: How is Higher Education Faring?

Top of Mind: Verticalization Strategies of Megavendors

Application megavendors are reaching a level of maturity in their core cloud applications—in delivery, operations, marketing, and business models. They have stabilized the delivery of core applications in many ways: Continuous delivery: Delivering new functionality without disrupting their customers’ business Flexibility: Implementing configurable applications that work in most industries Reliability: Minimal unplanned downtime using modern […]

Establishing a Data Management Program

Top of Mind: Establishing a Data Management Program

Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries Tambellini analysts are receiving about data management, I want to resurface this blog post that I wrote last June. It starts by outlining the benefits of a full data management program. CTOs, CIOs, and other IT leaders tell us that getting clear on these benefits helps them explain […]

The Formation of Thesis

Top of Mind: The Formation of Thesis

When Unit4 was acquired in March of this year, little was said about the Student products that were left behind with Advent International, Unit4’s previous owner. What is the impact of this separation?   First, let’s look back. As COVID-19 began to impact the industry, the Unit4 Student team (including development and support) began to separate […]