The Blending of Research Information Management and Faculty Information Management

Top of Mind: The Blending of RIMS and FIS

Research and faculty are each core assets of an institution and are critical to an institution’s reputation. As higher education slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, institutional research and faculty will play an essential role in the recovery process. Many institutions are reporting an emphasis on increasing and diversifying their revenue stream and expanding partnerships […]

Student Systems 2019 Compendium

Top of Mind: Student Systems 2019 Compendium

As Tambellini concludes its 2020 Student Systems publication series, it is a good time to reflect on the past year and contemplate the future state of student systems. Tambellini’s Student Systems US Higher Education Market Trends and Leaders Report includes the following statistics regarding the student system market. There was an estimated 9 percent decrease […]

A Path to Revolutionize Your Campus with Big Data Infographic

Top of Mind: Path to Revolutionize Your Campus with Big Data

Co-Columnist: Michele Cummins – Tambellini Analyst It is not enough to collect data from disparate locations, mine metrics and report. It’s everything to achieve actionable analytics and drive results. This infographic highlights Tambellini’s research findings—based on interviews with institutions that have successfully deployed enterprise data warehouses—and provides practical first steps to organizations thinking about deploying […]

Streamlining Grants Management with Proposal Development Systems

  For many colleges and universities, revenues from sponsored programs often exceed revenues from tuition, room, and board. This is especially true of the Research 1’s that invest millions in support of their research missions—bringing on researchers, building facilities, and putting in place people and practices to make the research process more efficient. It is […]

The End of the Student Information System Era

Are you working at an institution that is involved in an evaluation to replace your legacy student information system (SIS)? If so, you are probably noticing the “student system” nomenclature shift. Modern SaaS cloud vendors are no longer referring to student software solutions as student information systems and have since rebranded them as “student systems.” […]

Student Game On

On April 30, 2018, Oracle Corporation announced its perspicacious acquisition of Vocado, a premier student-centric, cloud-based financial aid solution for higher education. This acquisition allows Oracle to expedite the Oracle Student Cloud timeline by at least one year. According to Oracle, the Student Cloud is expected to be available at the end of this year […]

Can Modern Cloud-Based Finance, HCM/Payroll, and Student Solutions Simplify the Higher Education Administrative Software Application Ecosystem?

The Tambellini Group has worked with a number of higher education institutions of all types and sizes to help assess whether the institution should upgrade or replace their current Finance, HCM/Payroll, and/or SIS* solutions. As a result, Tambellini has published an “Upgrade or Replace” series of reports that are available to members. While there are […]

Enterprise CRM for Higher Education: SugarCRM at Fordham University

A top priority in the higher education technology community is having a robust CRM solution that can scale within your institution and provide a 360-degree view of your constituents. While many institutions are using elements of CRM solutions in varying capacities for departmental needs, The Tambellini Group is also seeing an increased number of institutions […]