Desert Island Adventure

Build Leadership Buy-In

Understand the Terrain

When technology leaders are the first to see the need for a data governance strategy, many can feel like they are stranded on a desert island. They need to gain support from the mainland of top administrators to drive massive changes in how data is collected, reported, used, and shared across their entire institution.

Building leadership buy-in starts with IT leaders communicating the value and need for modernizing data operations and standards.

Beware of Pathway Obstacles

  • Sticker Price Shock: With budgets stretched thin, the upfront investment required can be a stubborn barrier to earning the stamp of approval from decision-makers.
  • Internal Inertia: A big overhaul of data systems is a daunting undertaking. Many leaders may be inclined to postpone such multi-year projects, even when their value is obvious.

Use These Tools to Forge Ahead

  • Business Case Template: Overcome sticker price shock by quantifying the benefits of a data governance strategy. Collect our Business Case Template tool and follow the custom tips from Tambellini analysts for developing your own effective plan.
  • Data Sources and Systems Checklist: Conquer internal inertia by answering the question “Why Now?” Collect our Data Source and Systems Checklist tool and build a comprehensive inventory of all the processes and people who track and use institutional data.

Reach the Ideal Outcome

With administrative support gained and everyone on board to move forward, IT leaders can progress to the Deep-Sea Adventure: Finding and Hiring a Chief Data Officer.

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