Jungle Adventure

Create Data Ownership Structure

Understand the Terrain

Challenges arise from sorting through the chaos of the untamed data jungle. Those who venture into this terrain must be deliberate about gathering information from various sources across many departments.

As pain points begin to arise, seeing a clear path to a data ownership structure requires defining and documenting who owns the data within each department and creating a stewardship across all functions.

Beware of Pathway Obstacles

  • Navigating Without a Compass: Don’t get lost in the inconsistent standards, practices, and responsibilities that exist across your campus. Be persistent in documenting the responsibilities and expectations in each department.
  • Beware of Deep Roots: Different leadership structures, office politics, and deep-rooted cultural dynamics in various departments will require strong change management skills.

Use These Tools to Forge Ahead

  • Data RACI Matrix: This multi-functional tool can help you find your way through the data jungle. Avoid the temptation to jump in and explore—be consistent about documenting all the information you collect.
  • Data Governance Committee Structure: Avoid the heavy vegetation of office politics and deep seeded roots of old processes and ownership structures by creating a Data Governance Committee that ensures everyone understands their responsibilities and protocol for data collection and management.

Reach the Ideal Outcome

Clearly defined roles allow you to align best practices in data ownership across all departments. By creating a data ownership structure, you can bring uniformity and consistency to your institution. Congratulations! You are ready to move on to the Mountain Range Adventure: Build a Charter.

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