Museum of Data Artifacts Adventure

Display Your Findings

Understand the Terrain 

All of your hard work has resulted in better data governance and the development of best practices and processes. It’s important to share and celebrate the ways building your data governance plans have positively impacted the stakeholders involved, as well as the institution overall. As others learn about your work, they can use it as a model to implement best practices in their department and add their contributions to the overall data governance strategy.  

 But the journey is far from over. There are many paths you can take toward continuous improvement.  

Beware of Pathway Obstacles 

  • Context: While your work will be impressive, you will want others at your institution to understand what it means for them. Work with different departments to show them how your best practices can be applied to their departments.  
  • Inertia: After a long journey, it is natural to want to relax and reflect on the demanding work. But smart data governance relies on honing and fine tuning. Work with your team to establish the steps that need more development and those that should be reviewed on a regular basis. 

Next Steps to Forge Ahead 

  • Consistent Communication: Bring context to other departments by helping them understand how they can implement best practices into their daily activities. Conduct regular Q & A sessions that will allow each department to bring examples to you for discussion. Make sure that each department is also bringing a plausible solution. 
  • Data Governance How to Guide: Document your sessions and create an FAQ and common use case library. Soon your colleagues will have a wealth of resources to reference, and you will be able to focus on the next steps in your journey. 
  • Steps for Continuous Improvement: Work with your team to identify the areas that need to be validated and those that need more development. Be sure to agree on what success looks like and who is responsible for continuing to monitor the results. 

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