River Rapids Adventure

Spot Dirty Data

Understand the Terrain 

Data moves throughout your campus at different speeds and in different directions. Sometimes it can feel like you are guiding your team through a set of river rapids—reacting quickly to hazards and strategically navigating around barriers.  

 This step is a collaborative effort with each department serving as a guide through their data processes, identifying dirty data, where it is entering the system, and how to fix the source 

Beware of Pathway Obstacles  

  • Identify Dirty Data: Dirty data can be like invisible rocks that will puncture your raft and sink your data governance efforts. Dirty data happens when accountability is low—leading to a lack of trust in the data.

Use These Tools to Forge Ahead 

  • Data Definition and ValidationBuild consistency across all departments that need to access data. A reference table demonstrates how and where data is stored and how to accurately access it for individual needs. Use the examples of bad data sources and errors in formatting as a guide to seeing patterns that can lead to a quick change of course. 

Ideal Outcome  

Clear identification of where data is stored, the parameters around data, and roles for access will keep your team afloat. Documenting these details will lead to data that is clean and consistently organized. When you’re ready, you can head to the Archaeological Excavation Adventure: Unearth Reporting Needs.

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