Higher Education institutions are at a crossroads. Legacy technology solutions are threatening to hold institutions back from achieving their potential. Yesterday’s solutions are ill-equipped to support the transformation in the educational landscape that will propel colleges and universities—and their students—into tomorrow’s fast-paced and dramatic revolution in learning. With the announcement of “next generation” solutions, institutions must make one of the most important decisions in their history: upgrade to newer versions of their existing solutions, or replace them with new offerings.

Unfortunately, navigating between these options is not always straightforward. The Tambellini Group has been engaged by numerous institutions to assist with this decision point, and has therefore established a dedicated practice to provide the expertise to evaluate each customer’s unique situation, determine alternatives, and recommend the best path forward.

This exclusive service provides customers with in-depth knowledge from both an institutional and vendor perspective on each of the solution sets, including a detailed overview, how offerings differ, functional comparisons, and the nuances of each solution. Also considered are the culture of the institution, staffing and skill sets, funding, desire to streamline and standardize business processes, and willingness to change and progress. Recommendation alternatives include product availability, technology architecture, deployment, implementation options, and a list of authorized services providers, integration choices, and cost/pricing considerations.

The Tambellini Group can also assist in conducting a comprehensive evaluation to compare the costs and long-term benefits of staying with existing on-premises solutions versus migrating to cloud-based solutions. Customers can accurately weigh the cost and level of effort associated with maintaining customized systems as new releases become available, as well as reviewing critical issues such as business continuity, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity.