Are you struggling to meet all your cybersecurity needs? The Tambellini Group research shows that higher education CIOs are increasingly burdened by cybersecurity challenges, but many lack the resources to adequately tackle the problem. The majority of CIOs from colleges and universities are faced with:

  • Risk of audit or noncompliance
  • Complex IT needs, driving cybersecurity concerns
  • Cybersecurity skills gap within the IT organization
  • Insufficient budgets dedicated to competing projects

We created the Tambellini CISO Advisory Practice to work hand-in-hand with you on this very real issue. This membership solution provides you and other higher education executives:

  • Unlimited access to a pool of CISO Advisors, who are available for 30-minute or 1-hour ad hoc calls whenever you need to talk through your security concerns.
  • NIST-based, foundational cybersecurity assessment to examine your IT environment and cybersecurity program. You’ll receive a full report with recommendations and direction for improvements.

If you are a higher education executive without resources to hire a dedicated CISO or a CISO in need of extra support, Tambellini is here for you. Tambellini’s vetted cybersecurity experts can help you with:

  • Defining or refining a cybersecurity strategy, including implementing a framework (e.g., NIST)
  • Overcoming technical challenges, including integration and cybersecurity tool concerns
  • Addressing compliance concerns, including building a strategy for GDPR, FERPA, GLBA
  • And more!



Tambellini is 100% focused on the needs of higher education, and Tambellini’s CISO Advisory Services follow this same model. Tambellini’s cybersecurity experts have proven higher education expertise and span a variety of must-have but hard to find skills, including:

  • Cybersecurity strategy development
  • Cybersecurity architecture/engineering
  • Cybersecurity legal concerns, including expertise on data privacy and data breaches

Let’s minimize your cyber risk and maximize your cybersecurity budget.

Expand your services with Tambellini and sign up for a CISO Advisory membership today at a price point designed to be accessible by any size or type of institution. Contact Katelyn Ilkani, VP Cybersecurity: 919-605-1415 or

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