Workday Customers Save Millions of Dollars and Reduce Risk Using The Tambellini Group’s Contract Negotiation and Advisory Services Colleges and universities improve business and legal terms with Workday contracts using expert services provided by The Tambellini Group.

The Tambellini Group, (TTG) the most trusted source of advisory and consultancy services for higher
education executives, has provided Workday Contract Negotiation and Advisory Services to higher educationclients resulting in millions of dollars in savings. By focusing on business and legal terms, colleges and universities reduce costs, mitigate project and financial risks, increase service levels, and expedite the negotiation process.

Led by former PeopleSoft Executive, Vicki Tambellini, TTG’s Workday Contract Negotiation and Advisory
Services ensure that regardless of the size of the institution or the number of products required, the institution’s best interests are represented. “We help senior executives navigate through the Workday contracting process and negotiate agreements that improve the outcome for our clients” said Vicki Tambellini, President and CEO of The Tambellini Group.

TTG Workday Contract Negotiation and Advisory Services provide insight and guidance for colleges and universities to save money and reduce contract risk. Institutions benefit from lower fees over the life of Workday Agreements.

According to Lauren Hart Piper, Vice President of Marketing for The Tambellini Group, “Our in-depth contract negotiations experience and knowledge of current competitive data in higher education technology contracting is unparalleled in the market. There is no other consultancy or advisory firm for higher education executives with the expertise and insight that result in the outcomes TTG can provide.”

Stevens Institute of Technology, Barry University and Tallahassee Community College are among the
institutions that have relied on TTG for Workday contract negotiations.

Bret Ingerman, Vice President of Information Technology at Tallahassee Community College had this to say about his experience using TTG Workday Contract Negotiation and Advisory Services: “TTG led negotiations with Workday and with our implementation partner. Vicki Tambellini and her team were instrumental in expediting legal and business concessions. Tallahassee Community College received far more value from the engagement than we paid TTG for services. I recommend TTG to any organization that is entering into negotiations for Workday applications and third party implementation services.”

To learn more about The Tambellini Group’s Contract Negotiation and Advisory Services for Workday and other ERP vendors, please contact vicki(dot)tambellini(at)thetambellinigroup(dot)com

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The Tambellini Group is the world’s leading research and advisory firm for education executives. Since 2001, TTG has been providing innovative tools, quality research and industry expertise to help clients achieve their goals.

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