Cloud Cloud Cloud: An Introduction to Cloud Software for Practitioners and Executives

December 18, 2017 | David Kieffer - Guest Columnist

Depending on the last article or tweet you ran across, you may view cloud software as “just someone else’s computer,” not requiring much change in approach than any other software adoption. Or you may view it as a completely new paradigm for software purchasing and management; mysterious, requiring all new skills, no IT staff, and a wheelbarrow of dollars.

As with any other major change, there are elements of both views that are true.

The first view—that  you’re just outsourcing some of your work—is true to the extent that cloud software contains … Read More

How to Move Fast in a Slow Industry

December 11, 2017 | Beth Hayes - The Tambellini Group Executive Advisory Council

Many of us technology leaders have been to big conferences in huge conference centers with keynote speakers up on the stage under the bright lights espousing the benefits of fast technology change—telling us that we had better get ready and move quickly or technology will pass us by. A slick video plays of a company that had perfect timing and found a way to solve the world’s problems. Upbeat music is pumping in the background. Rah rah. Boom boom. Yah yah. Yes, you think. I’m ready to do this too and save the world!!! You take your notes. You are energized on the plane… Read More

Looking to The Cloud: The Oracle Student Cloud Aims to Provide the Comprehensive Tool Set

December 4, 2017 | Jerry Waldron - Guest Columnist

Colleges and universities will soon need to face a number of critical questions. When will we move our major administrative systems to the cloud? Can we pull disparate third-party systems that address things like reporting, student success tools, descriptive analytics, and student recruiting together into one student service eco-system? Can we provide a system that can be managed effectively without the complex configuration, maintenance, and manual processing that exists in many of the current systems that were designed in the 1990s? Can institutions … Read More

Modernization of Technologies: NC State’s Strategy to Keep Pace

November 20, 2017 | Katelyn Ilkani - The Tambellini Group Analyst

Tambellini Interview Series: NC State University CIO, Dr. Marc I. Hoit

Question 1:  Your bio on the NC State website discusses key foundational projects you have launched. Tell us about those.

I started working at NC State University in 2008. For the last 10 years, I have been working on updating the infrastructure and empowering our IT professionals to keep pace with modernization of technologies.

In the late ‘80s Cornell and NC State had some of the first systems where you could log into any computer as a student; basically, those were some of the first Identity… Read More

Best of Breed vs Best of Suite

November 14, 2017 | Corey Fling - The Tambellini Group Executive Advisory Council

One big question regarding higher education enterprise software has long been whether an institution should circle their wagons around a single-vendor approach or select a collection of best-of-breed solutions to meet institutional operational and strategic needs. While legacy higher education Student Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning software providers have focused on the academic and financial needs of an institution, their product-focus on human capital management has been weak. The lack of an integrated data approach for all… Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Started With iPaaS

October 31, 2017 | Beth Hayes - The Tambellini Group Executive Advisory Council

Have you ever felt like you were swimming upstream against a tangle of requests for help from the IT department? Just before the end of the semester or budget year, multiple departments send well-meaning email requests for help setting up their new software. Replace the residential life software suite. Complete an urgent switch of vendors for the point of sale system at the bookstore. The new director wants new software for the mission-critical admissions system. How about all three at the same time?! There has to be a tool to better manage and complete this integration… Read More

A Student’s Perspective On Moodle

October 23, 2017 | Andrea Cooper - Guest Columnist

The goal of higher education is to serve students and provide the benefits of challenging learning endeavors. However, in institutions’ sincere attempts to facilitate the most robust learning experience possible, modern technologies and processes may come with a learning curve that initially creates an impediment, or may not live up to the institution’s and students’ expectations. As is well-documented with Generation Z students, advanced technology is not only expected, but must provide an intuitive and robust user interface that is on par with … Read More

A Little Software with a Big Punch: Duo Seems to be Taking Higher Ed by Storm

October 16, 2017 | Katelyn Ilkani - The Tambellini Group Analyst

For the past six weeks, I have been conducting interviews with Higher Education Chief Information Officers and their teams in charge of Identity & Access Management (IAM). I’m in my first phase of primary research for an Identity and Access Market Report that we will be publishing in Q1 2018. In a nutshell, Identity and Access Management covers your people security—how you define an “identity,” provisioning/deprovisioning, who is accessing what, what rights they have to access that information, etc. It also covers password management (including… Read More

Oracle Option for Banner 8 Clients: Lift and Shift to the Cloud

October 5, 2017 | Vicki Tambellini - The Tambellini Group Analyst

Banner by Ellucian customers know the clock is ticking and time to move to Banner 9 is running out. Some are hoping that Ellucian will announce an extension to Banner 8 support. Some are working feverishly to migrate off Banner prior to the end of 2018; a small percentage report that their Banner 9 upgrade is on track to be complete on time.

Issues range from lack of personnel, lack of financial resources, lack of information, and denial that the upgrade is required.

For Banner customers that need help, there is another option and some flexibility for timing to get all … Read More

Who Should Control Technology Decisions on Campus?

September 27, 2017 | Katelyn Ilkani - The Tambellini Group Analyst

Recently, I was speaking with an Assistant CIO of a very prominent university, and he told me the following story:

“New applications are popping up all of the time, and we only find out about it once they announce it on our internal news digest. Business units across the university don’t even understand that these are IT projects! The vendors love to go to business leaders and tell them that they don’t need IT; all they have to do is buy a turnkey solution. We have tried to go to Purchasing to encourage them to call IT if they think a purchase has an IT component. … Read More

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