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Case Studies

Tambellini Client Case Studies
Discover how higher education institutions have leveraged Tambellini analyst and advisory services to achieve exceptional results.
Seneca College: Technology Procurement Advisory Services for Finance, Human Resources, and Student
Seneca College committed to streamlining processes and improving services across student, financial, and human resources systems. They engaged the services of The Tambellini Group, who advised the college on navigating the complexities of RFP preparation, vendor selection, and contract negotiations. Tambellini helped Seneca ensure the best business and technology decisions were made while mitigating financial and business risk.
Contract Negotiation and Advisory Services: Licensing and Implementation Services for Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, and Student for Furman University
Targeting its finance, human resources, payroll, and student systems, Furman University elected to replace its aging legacy system with a cloud solution. The university engaged The Tambellini Group to provide contract negotiation and advisory services for this major technology investment. Tambellini identified nearly $2 million in savings, reduced risk, and negotiated business and legal protections.
Technology Solutions Case Studies
Narratives reflecting how higher education institutions have identified challenges, selected a technology solution to solve their needs, and derived specific benefits.
Stony Brook University: Advancement/Business Intelligence Case Study, Blackbaud Raiser's Edge and Tableau
Stony Brook University struggled with the issues related to data organization and availability. Working in concert with Raiser’s Edge, the addition of Tableau business intelligence software created a powerful combination of tools that are instrumental in helping the university connect and leverage data from across the organization for effective decision making and outstanding fundraising success.
The University of Central Missouri Advancement office sought a new alumni and fundraising technology solution. Blackbaud provided the solution.
The University of Central Missouri was challenged in their alumni relations and fundraising efforts due to issues in retrieving and analyzing data. Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT solutions now provide ease of data access and added insights through analytics, while minimizing dependence on IT.