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Andrea Cooper

Client Success Associate

As Client Success Associate, Andrea Cooper works with institutional clients to cultivate long term relationships and ensure an effortless and delightful consumer experience. This includes creating awareness of all Tambellini in-depth publications, comprehensive research and extensive services members have access to. Ms. Cooper identifies and highlights relevant content to members, schedules analyst hours, engages on a regular basis, and provides support they may need.

 During her studies, Ms. Cooper also explored the business world by participating in multiple internships, the most notable was her own business under College Works Painting. She built it from the ground up and managed marketing, sales, and its client base. During her first six months, she sold and produced $65,000 in exterior house painting and closed deals at a 51% booking rate – exceeding the 21% national average.

 Ms. Cooper holds a BA from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences from North Carolina State University.