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Sean Dudley

Executive Director, Research Technology - Arizona State University

Sean Dudley accelerates and enables ASU research through technology development, support and training for faculty and research administration. In addition to leading the information technology activities across the Knowledge Enterprise, the university’s research institutes, and the state of Arizona, Mr. Dudley serves as operations director for ASU Research Computing, which provides high-performance computing and related services.

Mr. Dudley began his career in information technology in 1998, when he developed and deployed an application-based automated inventorying system that monitored over 500 distributed workstations for the University of Wisconsin. His passion for blending scientific research with IT brought him to Tempe, where he initially worked at the ASU Biodesign Institute in the Center for Evolutionary Functional Genomics. Soon after, he advanced to a role that allowed him to service the entire institute. He then established many technological tools to assist researchers including a secure, large-scale, information system to support data management among 14 research centers, totaling 600 faculty and administrative customers.

In 2008, he transitioned to the central research office at ASU, where he has been advancing the university by designing and deploying technological solutions and services for research administration and faculty. In 2012, Mr. Dudley founded the Research Technology Office (RTO), which now includes more than 55 employees operating among 12 functional teams.

Mr. Dudley holds bachelor’s degrees in computer science, biology and philosophy from the University of Wisconsin.  He has also earned a Six Sigma Black Belt from Fulton Schools of Engineering and was selected to become an Advanced Leadership Initiative fellow.