Market Trends and Leaders Reports : Apr 15, 2015

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Authors: Vicki Tambellini and Mary Beth Cahill

In this report, The Tambellini Group (TTG) profiles the top vended SIS solutions in 2014 and the vendors to watch over the next 12 months. The report provides a detailed analysis and trends over the past seven years of the SIS selections by size and type of institution.

Vendor details include vendor strengths, recent developments, solution overviews, product roadmaps and implementation approach. For vendors with third party implementation partners, these partners are profiled to provide decision makers with an overview of the implementation partners.

Institutions make decisions for SIS based on a number of criteria including the size and type of institution, cost/and or return on investment, vendor solution, vendor commitment to higher education, completeness of solution, among other factors.

Once selected, the SIS determines any number of additional and critical options for ancillary or add-on solutions. As the primary customer of the institution, the student is at the center of critical spending for education technology. Much is written about the rising cost of higher education and the burdens of aging infrastructure, including technology. The student experience is key for retention and persistence and with funding increasingly tied to outcomes, institutions are focusing more on improving the student experience. For many institutions, the SIS is considered central to the student experience and the SIS selection predetermines or narrows other technology decisions for institutions.

The report details ERP and Student solutions available in development by top vendors and vendors to watch.

Data for the report is gathered by a team of TTG researchers. Research for the report is not sponsored, is unbiased and all vendors are reviewed with equal consideration.

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