White Papers : Dec 06, 2018

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Executive positions within higher education filled with talented individuals result in a thriving academic environment. Integral to that management team is technology leadership, which is essential to the success of the entire institution. From this white paper, gain deep insight into the extremely valued and coveted positions of Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Technology Leader (TL) through author Wayne Brown, PhD and Founder, Center for Higher Education Chief Information Officer Studies (CHECS). Brown has dedicated years to the enrichment, growth, and education of CIOs and TLs. Not only has he conducted vast amounts of research, he also speaks from personal experience having been in the role of a higher education CIO, himself.

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Table of Contents

  1. 2018 Sponsors
  2. 2018 Institution Subscribers
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. 2018 CHECS Advisory Board
  5. Introduction
  6. Chief Academic Technology Officer
  7. Technology Leaders of Tomorrow
  8. The Female Chief Information Officer
  9. CIO Roles and Effectiveness
  10. Chief Information Officer Characteristics
  11. References
  12. About CHECS
  13. About Wayne Brown