Guides : Feb 08, 2019

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If your institution is thinking about deploying a data warehouse to mine data and generate reports, you’ll want to read this guide. If it has already deployed a data warehouse which has not resulted in a sustainable, extensible program, you’re not alone. It is a heavy lift. But there are many success stories to learn from and The Tambellini Group has captured their best practices, which you will benefit from. One of the biggest trends is the shift from traditional on-premises to modern, cloud-based data warehouses. A major influencer affecting traditional warehouses is big data streaming in from multiple sources such as online learning systems, social media, and educational games.

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Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Terms of Use
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Executive Summary
  5. Data Warehouse Trends in Higher Education
  6. Data Warehouse Best Practices Recommendations
  7. Staffing Requirements and Structure
  8. Success Indicators
  9. Summary
  10. Appendix
  11. References
  12. About the Authors
  13. About The Tambellini Group
  14. Other Reports Available