Guides : Sep 15, 2016

With the announcement of Ellucian XE and most recently Ellucian Ethos, Banner institutions are faced with the
decision whether to stay with Ellucian and upgrade to Banner XE (version 9.0) and Ethos or to replace Banner with a modern cloud-based ERP and/or SIS/Student solution.

This report represents the culmination of hundreds of hours of TTG research from numerous consulting engagements, briefings with Ellucian and Oracle, briefings with Ellucian and Oracle products/services partners, and interviews with Oracle and Ellucian client institutions, and it is written specifically for those higher education institutions that find themselves at this crossroads.

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Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. License and Terms of Use
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Executive Summary
  5. Higher Education Trends in Banner Institutions
  6. Current Vendor Landscape
  7. Banner by Ellucian
  8. Oracle Higher Education Cloud
  9. ERP Solution Set
  10. Banner by Ellucian
  11. Oracle Higher Education Cloud
  12. Technology Platform
  13. Banner by Ellucian
  14. Oracle Higher Education Cloud
  15. Deployment
  16. Implementation and Upgrade Approach
  17. Banner by Ellucian XE Upgrade
  18. Oracle Higher Education Cloud Implementation
  19. Integration
  20. Banner by Ellucian
  21. Oracle Higher Education Cloud
  22. Summary
  23. Glossary of Terms
  24. Methodology
  25. About the Authors
  26. About The Tambellini Group, LLC
  27. Pricing Information
  28. Other Reports Available