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CIO Series: The Higher Education Chief Information Officer 2017

Why Read This Report

The CIO position has evolved into an accepted and traditional role at higher education institutions as technology has become a permanent fixture throughout most U.S. institutions. This report, created by Center for Higher Education Chief Information Officer Studies (CHECS), examines the evolution of the CIO role and the responsibilities that CIOs undertake within an institution. The 2017 report highlights important developments such as the lack of diversity for CIOs, the graying of the profession, and the fact that a degree in business is second only to a degree in technology as a credential for higher education CIOs.

CHECS, through its founder Dr. Wayne A. Brown, has studied higher education CIOs since 2003, making the report a valuable resource for technology leaders.

Key Questions Answered

  • Who is today’s higher education CIO in relation to role, effectiveness, attributes, and background?
  • How has the CIO role in higher education evolved?
  • How does a historic view of the higher education CIO shape the career path for those who aspire to become a department leader in the future?

Report Features

  • Author: Wayne A. Brown, PhD, Founder, CHECS
  • Report Length: 22 pages
  • Report Availability: November 2017

Table of Contents

  1. 2017 Sponsors
  2. 2017 Institution Subscribers
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. 2017 CHECS Advisory Board
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction
  8. 2017 Results Summary
  9. References
  10. About CHECS
  11. About Wayne Brown

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