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Okta Single Sign-On Simplifies Authentication at California State University, Long Beach

Why Read This Technology Solutions Case Study

Do your students complain about having to log in each time they want to access a different account within your institution? Once for the enrollment system, once for advising, again to log in to financial aid? It’s frustrating and disrupts students’ workflow. California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) found a solution to simplify the authentication process with Okta Single-Sign On. It was easily integrated into CSULB’s Shibboleth environment. Very little maintenance is required, and Okta’s support is described as “excellent.” The number of required authentications has been cut in half. Find out how CSULB made life easier for students.

Case Study Features:

  • Institution: California State University, Long Beach
  • Software Category: Identity Access Management
  • Solution Provider: Okta
  • Case Study Length: 5 pages
  • Case Study Availability: August 2019

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