Planning for Companion Applications with Your Cloud ERP Implementation

Why Read This Research

As cloud ERP suites mature, a relatively consistent set of functionality is emerging across platforms. In many cases it aligns with traditional on-premises ERP offerings but also expands to fill gaps. Many of these gaps were previously filled by third-party applications, bolt-on customizations, or custom local applications. As institutions work through scoping implementation projects, they must make decisions on each of these systems. Decisions require fact gathering—a broad application inventory as well as future requirements gathering; and governance—leadership alignment, clear lines of decision authority, and transparency into the process.

Key Questions Answered

  • How are institutions affected by ERP replacement?
  • What are the best techniques for gathering ERP functional requirements?
  • How can a governance framework benefit the ERP project?


  • Author: Dave Kieffer, Vice President, Research, Large Enterprise Systems, The Tambellini Group
  • Length: 23 pages
  • Research Availability: March 2020

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Terms of Use
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Executive Summary
  5. Gathering the Facts
    1. Application Inventory
    2. Functional Requirements
  6. The Applications Governance Process
    1. Applications Principles
    2. Application Dispositioning Process
  7. Conclusion
  8. Methodology
  9. Appendix
    1. Typical Companion Applications
  10. About the Author
  11. About the Tambellini Group
  12. Other Reports Available

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