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  • Administrative Systems Planning in 2020

    Those in higher education responsible for planning face significant challenges as we enter the second half of 2020. With budgets cut and financial and operational difficulties, institutions must prepare for ERP transitions over the coming decade. Our focus in this white paper, as in our research this year, is to provide specific areas of action for leaders who need to continue to make progress despite the challenges and uncertainty ...

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  • Planning for Companion Applications with Your Cloud ERP Implementation

    Higher education institutions need guidance on what to expect when planning for the implementation of new cloud applications, how to categorize applications, and how to make good decisions about other applications in addition to their ERP solution ...

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  • A Guide to Success with Salesforce

    With the evolution of constituents’ needs and expectations, higher education is changing its approach to business technologies, embracing, most notably, CRM software to improve student recruitment efforts, track the student lifecycle, engage with alumni and donors, and more ...

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  • How Can Higher Education Prepare for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution?

    Many higher education institutions will soon make strategic decisions regarding artificial intelligence. This guide offers advice on how to mitigate the risks associated with the use of AI and provides guidance as to the role of AI in an institution’s long-term vision ...

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  • 2019 Ellucian Banner Survey Results

    Surveying Ellucian Banner client institutions, The Tambellini Group has gathered data regarding current methods of deployment, current versions of Banner Administrative Pages and Self-Service, five-year plans to remain with Banner or migrate to an alternate platform, interest in Oracle Cloud and Workday, and ...

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  • 2019 Comparison of Ellucian Banner to Workday

    With its new guide, “2019 Comparison of Ellucian Banner to Workday,” The Tambellini Group provides insight into updates for the Ellucian Banner and Workday solution sets, current vendor landscape, deployment, technology, integration, and implementation models ...

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  • Data Warehouse Best Practices

    In this higher education guide, get an inside view of successful deployments of data warehouses by other universities. Read about real examples, lessons learned, best practices, and common themes to consider if you are thinking about deploying a data warehouse ...

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  • A Guidebook to Maturing an Identity and Access Management Program on Campus

    This guidebook focuses on forward-looking identity and access management (IAM) trends in higher education, overall maturity levels, and the level of effort required to build out or mature an IAM program....

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  • Women in Technology Leadership

    In 2017, women are a minority in technology fields, and executive offices are still extremely difficult for women to attain. The report explores the barriers that keep women from attaining CIO, CTO, CXO, and other leadership roles...

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  • Selecting a CRM for a Higher Education Institution: Five Questions to Ask

    This report offers guidance to navigate the CRM landscape—including five key questions to ask when evaluating a CRM strategy—in order to help institutions determine their best strategic direction...

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  • Cybersecurity Series: GDPR and Higher Education Institutions

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new European data protection law, comes into effect on May 25, 2018. This report addresses how U.S. higher education institutions can mitigate risk ...

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