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  • 2020 Continuing Education Functional Comparison Infographic

    Find out how leading continuing education solutions compare within the functional areas important to your institution. This infographic provides a quick reference for solutions from Augusoft, Destiny Solutions, Ellucian, Entrinsik, and Xenegrade ...

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  • 2019 Comparison of Student Systems Vendor Solutions Infographic

    Members of The Tambellini Group evaluating their student systems have access to valuable support and resources. The student systems solutions comparison infographic is a prime example. At-a-glance you can see which vendors provide products for the various functional areas and which don’t ...

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  • 2019 Comparison of HR/HCM Vendor Solutions Infographic

    Do the solution providers you’re evaluating for your institution’s HR/HCM system include support for the functional areas important to you and your selection team? Are there any special requirements needed? How does one vendor stack up against the others? Those are just a few of the many questions that The Tambellini Group can answer right now in this infographic ...

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  • 2019 Comparison of Finance Vendor Solutions Infographic

    The pressure of replacing your ERP systems is enormous. Take higher education financials, for instance. There are so many vendor solutions to choose from making it difficult to assess which solution best supports the various functional areas of your business. The Tambellini Group narrows this down for you in a digestible comparison chart showcasing top vendor solutions ...

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  • 2019 Finance and HR/HCM Higher Education Partner Summary Infographic

    When you select a new student and/or ERP system you will most likely want to select an implementation services partner. It would be costly, time-consuming, and stressful for you to research which vendors partner with the various implementation providers. Instead, The Tambellini Group has done this for you ...

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  • Comparison of Leading FIS and RIMS Vendor Solutions Infographic

    With a surge in exploration of faculty information systems (FIS), which supports the management of academic staff, and research information management systems (RIMS), an emerging library solution, gain an understanding of the leading vendor solutions within higher education. This infographic compares solutions from Clarivate Analytics, Elsevier, Ex Libris, Interfolio, Symplectic, and Watermark ...

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  • Grants Pre-Award System Vendor Functional Comparison Infographic

    In support of the grant proposal development process, this infographic compares grants pre-award solutions from Cayuse, Huron Consulting, InfoEd Global, Kuali, and Streamlyne and illustrates differentiators and other considerations of each vendor offering ...

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  • Comparison of Advancement Vendor Solutions Infographic

    Understand how leading higher education solutions within the advancement market compare. This infographic illustrates a comparison of solutions from Affinaquest, Blackbaud, Causeview, Ellucian, Technolutions, and thankQ ...

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  • Continuing Education Vendor Functional Comparison Infographic

    Find out how leading higher education solutions within the evolving continuing education market compare. This infographic illustrates a functional comparison of solutions from Augusoft, Destiny Solutions, Ellucian, Entrinsik, Jenzabar, and Xenegrade ...

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