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For years, our society has encouraged girls to study math and science and to pursue technology careers. Yet, women are a minority in technology fields, and executive offices are still extremely difficult for women to attain. The Tambellini Group explores the barriers that impact women from attaining the same representation levels and statuses of men in the technology industry—including in higher education. Through online surveys and one-to-one interviewers with CIOs and technology leaders in higher education, data from U.S. government research, and other reliable sources, the report analyzes the attitudes toward mentorship, career advancement, and retirement for women in higher education, ways to embrace the talents of women in the technology fields, and suggestions to achieve a successful technology career.

Key Questions Answered

  • What are the gender differences in technology careers?
  • Why do women’s attitudes toward mentorship, career advancement, and retirement tend to be so different than men’s?
  • What lessons can be learned from today’s technology leaders to achieve future success in a career in technology?

Report Features

  • Download complimentary Executive Summary.
  • Authors: Vicki Tambellini, President and CEO, The Tambellini Group, and Mary McDaniel, Chief Marketing Officer, The Tambellini Group
  • Report Length: 34 pages.
  • Report Availability: October 2017.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Gender Differences in Technology Careers
  3. Tambellini Survey Sample
  4. Profile of Respondents
  5. Why Do You Think Fewer Women Seek Mentors Than Their Male Counterparts?
  6. Why Do You Think Fewer Women May Seek the Top Leadership Role?
  7. If the Women Retire According to Plan, They Will Retire at a Younger Age Than Their Male Counterparts. Why Might This Be?
  8. Survey Conclusions
  9. 10 Lessons from Successful IT Leaders
  10. Role Models
  11. Research Conclusions
  12. Methodology
  13. Appendix
  14. List of References

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