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Market Research & Analysis

Information Technology Intelligence on Higher Education Institutions in the U.S. and Globally to Reduce Risk with Campus Technologies

Institutions who make informed technology decisions mitigate the business risks of technology decisions.

Only The Tambellini Group offers the combination of in-depth ed tech experience with unbiased analysis, detailed research and accurate data to help higher education technology decision makers make informed decisions from strategic planning to technology implementations.

“Excellent information to guide critical business and education decisions on campus.”
  – Michael Mathews, CIO, Oral Roberts University

Unbiased Analysis

All research conducted by TheTambellini Group is self-funded and never sponsored by any vendor.

Detailed Research

Understanding that each institution is unique and has their own set of issues and requirements, research conducted by The Tambellini Group drills down to very specific details such as ed technology by vendor, software category, institution type, enrollment size, location, consortium/membership and more.  This level of detail  offers higher ed executives personalized insight on the ed tech market, trends and the vendor landscape.

All research is conducted by a team of individuals with extensive higher education experience.  Research is market driven and guided by higher education clients of The Tambellini Group.

Custom research is available upon request.

World’s Largest Database

Since 2001, The Tambellini Group has been tracking and managing the technology selections of colleges and universities across the globe. The Educational Technology Profile Database is updated on a daily basis and is the world’s largest and most accurate database containing the technology selections of more than 18,900 institutions with more than 5,400 institutions in the United States.  Our research team tracks more than 85 different enterprise software and service categories.

“What are institutions like mine selecting for their ed tech solutions?”

When higher education leaders need to answer this question, they turn to The Tambellini Group and  data service site, Peertelligent to quickly and easily find the trusted answer.

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