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Tambellini Market Insights

Over the past 15 years The Tambellini Group has grown from a small consulting practice to the world’s leading independent research and analyst firm dedicated exclusively to higher education. A reputation founded on knowledge, trustworthiness, and neutrality.

The Tambellini Group recently launched Tambellini Market Insights® a new annual advisory service for vendors in the education technology market. The service focuses on helping technology vendors better understand the market drivers for evaluating and selecting new solutions. Membership includes unprecedented access to the world’s most complete database of higher education technology selections, as well as personalized strategic guidance about approaching this market. Experts help assess whether messaging is hitting the mark and reaching decision-makers, as well as providing advice on how to fine-tune offerings and outreach to help vendors position themselves for success in today’s competitive market.

Here are just some of the ways that Tambellini Market Insights will help:

  • Advice and feedback specialized for the Ed Tech Vendors
  • The most complete institutional database in the industry documenting existing and impending   solutions to facilitate the identification of trends and market potential
  • Product rankings directly from user institutions
  • Vendor rankings by The Tambellini Group based on ten standard criteria
  • Four hours of bespoke consulting
  • First-hand and real-time market intelligence
  • Actionable bi-directional briefings with senior analysts
  • Access to an in-depth RFP/RFI library
  • Market perception and awareness feedback
  • Insight into market drivers specifically related to each vendor’s offerings
  • Sales team training to ensure market alignment
  • Live and on-demand topical webinars
  • Access to The Tambellini Group’s published reports and updates

A La Carte Services

Put information into action. To enhance the utilization of the Market Insights’ research, data, and advisory services, clients may also choose to engage our analysts to personally collaborate with them on outreach activities tailored to their unique goals and needs.

  • Custom Data Extracts license from the Education Institution Technology Profile Database® to merge with your own vendor files
  • TTG Analyst Consultation or research beyond the four hours included in Market Insights
  • TTG Research and Market Reports license for distribution beyond the vendor organization
  • Additional Market Insights Seats
  • Sales Seats to look up higher education accounts and review most recently selected solutions from the Education Institution Technology Profile Database®
  • Analyst Webinar Participation
  • Campaign Messaging and Outreach leveraging The Tambellini Group Reports
  • Regional ½ Day Roundtable – Analyst Keynote
  • Conference Panels and Presentations

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