Multiple thought leaders and inspirational speakers will be presenting at this event. Many individuals are from higher education institutions – some of whom you may know. Find them, their bios, and the sessions they will be presenting.

Lisa Benic
Associate Director, Data and CRM Services
Central Michigan University
Michael Bourque
Vice President ITS
Boston College
Mary Beth Cahill
Vice President, Research
The Tambellini Group
Lori Dembowitz
Associate CIO
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Linn Freedman
Robinson+Cole LLP
Michelle “Mitch” Gillett
Director of Applications, Strategy and Digital Transformation
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Katelyn Ilkani
Vice President
The Tambellini Group
Tom Koulopoulos
Delphi Group
Michael Latsko
Senior Director of HR Strategic Initiatives
University of Virginia
Lonnie Morgan
Senior Director of BI and Analytics
The Ohio State University
Peter Murray
Vice President and CIO
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Michele L. Norin
Senior Vice President and CIO
Rutgers University
Patty Patria
Vice President and CIO
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mark Pollock
Explorer and Motivational Speaker
Leslie F. Spasser
Polsinelli PC
Sue Spies
Research Director, Enterprise Information Systems
The Tambellini Group
Vicki Tambellini
President and CEO
The Tambellini Group
Tim Urban
Writer and Co-Founder
Wait But Why
Garret Yoshimi
Vice President and CIO
University of Hawaii

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