The Magic of Hyperautomation

Top of Mind Podcast: The Magic of Hyperautomation

To realize the benefits of hyperautomation, the University of South Florida (USF) identified three crucial factors for success: an agile mindset, investing with the right partners, and a willingness to experiment with new technologies. Alice Wei, Assistant Vice President of Digital Transformation and Innovation at USF, joins the Top of Mind family this month to […]

Promoting Student Success With Digital Transformation

Top of Mind: Promoting Student Success With Digital Transformation

Digital transformation (Dx) is a relatively new and somewhat fraught concept for higher education. Dx in higher education leverages technological innovation to produce shifts in the institutional culture and workforce to generate operational efficiencies, realize cost savings, and improve the institutional value proposition. Despite the potential benefits, higher education institutions are finding it difficult to […]

Why Is Modernization Planning Urgent?

Top of Mind: Why Is Modernization Planning Urgent?

Over the last several years, we have heard much about digital transformation (DX) being important to higher education. However, DX is not a goal for every institution, as one of our clients recently reminded me.   DX addresses fundamental change in an institution’s approach to delivering on its core mission areas: education, research, and service. […]

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