Looking Back and Planning Forward: 2022 Technology Trends and Predictions for 2023

Top of Mind Podcast: 2022 Technology Trends and Predictions for 2023

Vicki Tambellini, President and CEO of Tambellini Group, kicks off the new year with her annual take on the top technology trends for 2022, along with her predictions of the drivers that will have the biggest impact on the higher education market in 2023. Listen in for Vicki’s insights on how factors including budget pressures […]

Workday Rising 2022

Top of Mind: Workday Rising 2022

This year saw the return of the in-person Workday Rising event held in Orlando, Florida. Many new Workday innovations were revealed during the event, with arguably none more significant than Workday’s announcement of its intent to expand its partner ecosystem by leveraging Workday Extend enhancements to create, share, and productize Workday apps. The expansion of […]

Going Fast Without Breaking Things: Balancing the “Need for Speed” with Intentional Digital Transformation Strategy

Top of Mind Podcast: Going Fast Without Breaking Things

How does your institution measure intention? In the September installment of Tambellini Group’s Top of Mind podcast series, Sharon Pitt, CIO and Vice President of Information Technology at the University of Delaware (UD), joins the conversation to offer listeners a glimpse into the intentions behind UD’s growing digital transformation strategy. Sharon highlights UD’s innovative shared […]

A Look Back at the Most Read Resources for Higher Education Leaders

Top of Mind: A Look Back at the Most Read Resources for Higher Education Leaders

As the summer draws to a close and institutions and their staff prepare for a new semester, Tambellini Group looks back at the research topics and resources that were the most interesting to IT leaders in higher education for the first half of the year. With modern cloud system selections on the rise in finance, […]

Anthology Together 2022: The Spectacle of Promise and the Desire to Believe

Top of Mind: Anthology Together 2022

Anthology Together, the joint conference of EdTech’s power couple Anthology and Blackboard, took place in Orlando several weeks ago. For Anthology and Blackboard customers who have waited through significant product delays and support challenges over the last few years, Anthology’s energetic messaging and early evidence of success are an important step forward. Attendees were collectively […]

Community Discussion: Key Findings from Tambellini’s 2022 Finance and HCM Market Share, Trends, and Leaders Report

Community Discussion March 23, 2022

Tambellini’s 2022 Financial Management and Human Capital Management Systems US Higher Education Market Share, Trends, and Leaders report has revealed key trends about the momentum of technology selections for Finance and HCM selections in US institutions. Learn why the higher education market experienced a significant increase in selection in 2021 and what institutions should consider […]

Change Is Hard: Humanizing Post-COVID Technology Transformation in Higher Education

Top of Mind: Change is Hard

Change is hard. Tambellini analysts hear a version of this statement from almost every higher education institution considering a significant technology change. As a recent Harvard Business Review article pointed out, “At the heart of any radical change in higher education is a willingness by the administration and faculty to embrace new governance, processes, structures, […]

Resource Constraints? Student System Modernization Is Still Possible

Top of Mind: Resource Constraints? Student System Modernization Is Still Possible

Now, more than ever, institutions are aware of the potential shortcomings in aging student systems. While some institutions made moves to modernize before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the last few years have been focused on adjusting to new demands as the situation evolves. As higher education continues to recover from the pandemic impacts, […]

Verticalization Strategies of Megavendors: How is Higher Education Faring?

Top of Mind: Verticalization Strategies of Megavendors

Application megavendors are reaching a level of maturity in their core cloud applications—in delivery, operations, marketing, and business models. They have stabilized the delivery of core applications in many ways: Continuous delivery: Delivering new functionality without disrupting their customers’ business Flexibility: Implementing configurable applications that work in most industries Reliability: Minimal unplanned downtime using modern […]

The Formation of Thesis

Top of Mind: The Formation of Thesis

When Unit4 was acquired in March of this year, little was said about the Student products that were left behind with Advent International, Unit4’s previous owner. What is the impact of this separation?   First, let’s look back. As COVID-19 began to impact the industry, the Unit4 Student team (including development and support) began to separate […]

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