The Power and Value of Building a Comprehensive Learner Record

Top on Mind Podcast: The Power and Value of Building a Comprehensive Learner

Is a transcript the best way to truly reflect a student’s academic learning experience? Temple University’s registrar Bhavesh Bambhrolia believes that while the traditional transcript is safe and secure; it is limiting in communicating a student’s growth and development from a cumulative experience. In this Top of Mind episode, Bambhrolia gives listeners a glimpse into […]

Technology Trends and Predictions for 2022

Top of Mind Podcast: Technology Trends and Predictions for 2022

Vicki Tambellini, President and CEO of Tambellini Group kicks off this year’s Top of Mind Podcast series. The current state of higher education, although hard to generalize, is very much institution-dependent. However, one universal fact that rings true is that institutions are working on a smarter, not faster, approach. Listen in as Vicki shares what […]

How Higher Education IT Leaders Contribute to Humanized Learning

Top of Mind: How Higher Education IT Leaders Contribute to Humanized Learning

For the last year, humanized learning has been top of mind at many higher education institutions. As I’ve written previously, it is not a new concept. The teaching and learning literature is brimming with resources, ranging from philosophical treatises to practical guides. Historically and currently, most educators and campus leaders use humanized learning to describe […]

Humanizing Online Learning: Creating a Social Engagement Toolkit

Top of Mind: Humanizing Online Learning

As colleges and universities settle into another semester of remote instruction, many institutions are striving to create a cohesive community experience for students. The commitment to social engagement has manifested in different ways, including the desire to preserve authentic classroom interactions in online learning spaces. In fact, 40 percent of institutions responding to a recent […]

Student Success, Continuing the Transformation Journey

Top of Mind: Student Success, Continuing the Transformation Journey

Co-Columnist: Dave Kieffer, Vice President, Research, Large Enterprise Systems, The Tambellini Group Increased and Changing External Pressures Pressures outside an institution’s control—beyond accreditation, compliance, and regulation—continue to expand. Diversification and the shrinking size of student populations, and student expectations for a personalized educational experience (when, where, and how they want to experience learning) are growing […]

A Successful Solution to Get Students into the Classroom

Top of Mind: Successful Solution to Get Students into the Classroom

In information technology we have plenty on our plates: constant change, doing more with less, security, risk management, compliance, project governance, data governance, and operational excellence, to name a few. Our heads often are spinning in the clouds with all that we face, and we can quickly be blinded by all the challenges in front […]

The Coming Convergence of Campus Data Brings Educational Intelligence

Top of Mind Blog: Coming Convergence of Campus Data Brings Educational Intelligence

As higher education institutions increasingly seek the data needed to support student success and demonstrate institutional effectiveness, they are turning to purpose-built software focused on particular areas of concern, such as assessment and curriculum management. Each of these software systems answers a specific set of questions or operationalizes specific processes, and many do these things […]

The Blockchain Movement in Education

The Supply Chain vs. Student Life Cycle Blockchain is a relatively simple approach that leverages the Internet of Things to securely transfer digital records among people and organizations. Unfortunately, the confusion around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has limited the public’s understanding of blockchain, which is completely independent of bitcoin or cryptocurrency. In its simplest form, blockchain […]

Make Technology Decisions with Data-Driven Insight: An Essential Higher Education Reading List Infographic

The 2018 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is quickly approaching. The Tambellini Group looks forward to the four days of learning, connections, and inspirations. Energized by the conference’s program tracks, we compiled our latest research reports into an infographic. Based on unbiased research and verified data, Tambellini research can inform, strengthen and reinforce the technology strategies shaping […]

An Unlikely Couple—The Moodle/Blackboard Divorce

As Blackboard struggles to retain learning management system (LMS) market share, steadily losing customers to Instructure Canvas and D2L Brightspace, Moodle announced on July 27th that their partnership with the LMS giant Blackboard was coming to an end after six years. In their press release, Martin Dougiamas, CEO and Founder of Moodle, stated, “While we […]