Reaping Long-Term ROI Over Eight-Year Partnership with Tambellini Group

When a prestigious national R1 university first began a multiyear initiative to improve student services in 2015, its technology leadership reached out to Tambellini Group with a straightforward request for the comprehensive annual 2023 Student Systems US Higher Education Market Share, Trends, and Leaders Report. This in-depth report is a common entry point for Tambellini […]

The Future of Recruitment and Admissions CRM

Top of Mind: The Future of Recruitment and Admissions CRM

While Tambellini research shows that approximately 70 percent of US higher education institutions have either selected a leading recruitment and admissions (R&A) CRM packaged application or developed their own custom CRM application (primarily R1 and R2 institutions), the mostly mature offerings in this space continue to innovate and broaden their functionality to maximize their impact […]

The Ohio State University Walks Away from Workday Student

Top of Mind: Tambellini Insights with Vicki Tambellini and Dave Kieffer

Tambellini learned on Wednesday, December 1st, that The Ohio State University (Ohio State) has decided not to move forward with Workday Student at this time. Ohio State’s statement includes an acknowledgment that their implementation of Workday’s Finance and Human Capital Management (HCM) products has left significant system and process optimization work for the school to […]

The Blending of Research Information Management and Faculty Information Management

Top of Mind: The Blending of RIMS and FIS

Research and faculty are each core assets of an institution and are critical to an institution’s reputation. As higher education slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, institutional research and faculty will play an essential role in the recovery process. Many institutions are reporting an emphasis on increasing and diversifying their revenue stream and expanding partnerships […]

The Latest on Ohio State’s Workday Student Deployment

Top of Mind: What Went Wrong with Ohio State’s Workday Student Implementation?

This is an opinion piece informed by research. Contributors participated under the condition of anonymity. The Ohio State University is one of the most watched institutions in the U.S. because of its current Workday project. OSU is deploying Workday Financial Management and Human Capital Management (HCM) and has plans to deploy Workday Student. OSU is […]

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