Webinar: The Cloud Tipping Point

The “Cloud Tipping Point” comes when a critical mass of the technology used by an institution is made up of cloud services. CEO Vicki Tambellini, and analyst Dave Kieffer explain what is required to be successful in transitioning to the tipping point and the positive impact and cumulative effects on an institution once it gets there.

Special guests Ron Kraemer, Vice President and Chief Information Officer of the University of Notre Dame, and Thomas Lynch III, Chief Information Office of Suffolk University join the discussion to share their experience and advise institutions on how to start and complete this mission on their own campus.

Insights to discover:

  • Considering the complex calculations for transition, does moving to the cloud really save money?
  • Thinking about a holistic strategy, how can institutions prepare themselves to reach the cloud tipping point?
  • What reactions can you expect from the broad user community on your campus?

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