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Higher Education Summit Series: CRM Systems
November 16

The Unfulfilled Promise of CRM

As institutions strive to deliver more personalized education, the conversations around meeting student needs, empowering constituents, and providing a path to success continue to evolve. There are stark differences in the approach institutions can take to build a lifetime engagement strategy.

Part 1: The Tambellini Research and the CRM Market

Tambellini’s research has shown that student success, employment opportunities, and career outcomes are positively impacted as institutions strive to meet learners where they are in their educational journey.

For years, CRM solutions providers have promised that they can fulfill the needs of each institution and its constituents and have offered the following options:

  • A decentralized approach: departments evaluate and select CRM independently
  • An integrated approach: institutions attempt to integrate technology platforms with various vendor solutions
  • The enterprise platform approach: institutions work with a single vendor platform across departments and the entire campus to try to meet all their needs


Part 2: Helping Institutions Meet the Challenge

As institutions expand their adoption of CRM technologies across functions in the institution, IT leaders, department heads, and administrators need to align these environments strategically but face a unique set of difficulties with each of these approaches.

Listen in as top executives from Microsoft, Salesforce, and Technolutions answer:

  • What strategies have you identified as solution providers to help institutions meet challenges like timeline, funding, governance, data model inconsistencies, integration challenges, and more.
  • What is your organization’s vision for enterprise CRM within higher education, and how do you see institutions adopting this vision?


Part 3: What Institutions Want to Know

Hear how CRM leaders answer the one question that institutions most frequently ask about each solution provider’s CRM product and strategy.

There is no cost to attend this event.

Higher Education Summit Series: CRM Systems Panelists

Rob Curtin
Rob Curtin
Director, Higher Education
Bala Subramanian
Bala Subramanian
VP and GM, Education
Alexander Clark
Alexander Clark
Founder and CEO

Higher Education Institutions


Solution Providers & Investors

market insights
Bala Subramanian
VP and GM, Education
Salesforce Corporate Logo

Bala Subramanian is VP and GM for Education at Salesforce. In this role he is responsible for driving Salesforce’s product strategy and roadmap for Education. Bala is passionate about Salesforce’s role and track record in helping Educational institutions transform their processes and systems to maximize learner success and outcomes, and create lifelong learners. Prior to this role, Bala has over twenty years of experience in Enterprise Software across a variety of industries such as Health and Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and High Tech. He is passionate about bringing his learnings from best practices in other industries and applying them in meaningful and relevant ways to the Education mission.

Alexander Clark
Alexander Clark
Founder and CEO
Technolutions logo

Alexander Clark is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Technolutions. Alexander founded Technolutions in 1994 while a seventh-grader in Mississippi. In 2000, while a first-year English major at Yale, Alexander developed and introduced Slate, which supports the enrollment, student success, alumni and advancement operations at over 1600 colleges and universities worldwide. Described as a higher ed “Wizard of Oz” in a feature article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Alexander has continued to lead Technolutions and its Slate community through its decades of innovation and growth.Alexander has a tremendous commitment to education as the Founder of Slate School, a non-profit K-12 independent school located in North Haven on a 40 acre campus with a focus on cultivating creativity, fostering ingenuity and curiosity and inspiring a deep passion for lifelong learning. In 2018, Alexander was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree by Quinnipiac University for his work as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Rob Curtin
Rob Curtin
Director, Higher Education
Microsoft logo

Rob is the Director of Higher Education for Microsoft’s Worldwide Education Industry team. Based in the Boston area, he is responsible for market strategy, and landing Microsoft’s industry priorities for Higher Education globally. He is grateful his role connects him with innovators that share bold goals to modernize campus experiences, and spark innovation in their home countries. Rob is most passionate about the role of technology to guide student ownership of their lifelong learning journey and help college and universities adopt more student-centric engagement models.

Rob has been deploying technology in education for over 30 years. Beginning with IBM in 1988 he implemented the first classroom networks in the Boston Public Schools and joined Microsoft in 1991—before Excel had the AutoSum button. In the 30 years since first joining Microsoft Rob has been a two-time EdTech entrepreneur, spending a decade working on the Exeter Student Information System (1995-2004), and co-founding Pip Learning Technologies in 2014 providing cloud identity and student privacy services to K–12 school districts. Rob has served in various roles within Microsoft always focused on the education industry.

Rob received a BS from Northeastern University, his favorite sport is women’s soccer, and he deeply appreciates his wife for tolerating his travel schedule—and now even more for tolerating him at home.

Michael Bisson: Vice President of Student Product Strategy at Workday
Michael Bisson
Vice President, Student Product Strategy
Workday logo

Michael joined Workday in 2013 seeding the Student project team and contributing to its initial architecture and design. Michael led the Product Management team as they designed the core student product and facilitated a three-year customer design partner program. Today, Michael leads the Product Strategy team responsible for determining market fit, competitive market intelligence, and overall product direction. Prior to joining Workday, Michael worked 16 years at Peoplesoft and Oracle in support of the Campus Solutions product in Product Management, Development, and Support. Michael has committed his professional career to the improvement of higher education management through the design and development of Student Information Systems.

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