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Higher Education Summit Series: CRM Systems
November 16

The Unfulfilled Promise of CRM

As institutions strive to deliver more personalized education, the conversations around meeting student needs, empowering constituents, and providing a path to success continue to evolve. There are stark differences in the approach institutions can take to build a lifetime engagement strategy.

Part 1: The Tambellini Research and the CRM Market

Tambellini’s research has shown that student success, employment opportunities, and career outcomes are positively impacted as institutions strive to meet learners where they are in their educational journey.

For years, CRM solutions providers have promised that they can fulfill the needs of each institution and its constituents and have offered the following options:

  • A decentralized approach: departments evaluate and select CRM independently
  • An integrated approach: institutions attempt to integrate technology platforms with various vendor solutions
  • The enterprise platform approach: institutions work with a single vendor platform across departments and the entire campus to try to meet all their needs


Part 2: Helping Institutions Meet the Challenge

As institutions expand their adoption of CRM technologies across functions in the institution, IT leaders, department heads, and administrators need to align these environments strategically but face a unique set of difficulties with each of these approaches.

Listen in as top executives from Microsoft, Salesforce, and Technolutions answer:

  • What strategies have you identified as solution providers to help institutions meet challenges like timeline, funding, governance, data model inconsistencies, integration challenges, and more.
  • What is your organization’s vision for enterprise CRM within higher education, and how do you see institutions adopting this vision?


Part 3: What Institutions Want to Know

Hear how CRM leaders answer the one question that institutions most frequently ask about each solution provider’s CRM product and strategy.

There is no cost to attend this event.

Higher Education Summit Series: CRM Systems Panelists

Rob Curtin
Rob Curtin
Director, Higher Education
Bala Subramanian
Bala Subramanian
VP and GM, Education
Alexander Clark
Alexander Clark
Founder and CEO