Change Management Services

A people-centric approach to support the adoption and success of your modernization projects and transformation goals.

Change Management Services

A people-centric approach to support the adoption and success of your modernization project.

Custom Change Management to Meet Your Goals

Our change management and leadership services are specifically designed for higher education settings. Whether your institution is adapting to new leadership, implementing new technology within a department or campus-wide, expanding the use of an existing system to other areas of your institution, or needing to address adoption issues and new ways of working, Tambellini’s flexible offerings can be tailored to your needs.

To support a successful transformation, our experts will assess your institution’s:  

  • Transformation goals to understand the degree of change and the need for change management activities 
  • Current change management efforts and practices and identify gaps and opportunities  
  • Desired outcomes to ensure the right activities occur at the right time to support adoption across your institution 

Get an overview of your institution’s current state and a change management roadmap to successfully get to its desired outcomes.  

You will receive a custom change management report that outlines:  

  • How your institution can prepare its people, processes, and technology to support your institution’s transformation and adoption efforts   
  • The necessary communications to keep stakeholders informed throughout the transformation journey 
  • Training opportunities that can empower your teams to adopt new ways of working  

Connect with team members in an interactive workshop customized to your institution’s needs.  

Depending on the focus of the workshop, participants will come away with: 

  • An understanding of various approaches and methodologies for addressing change 
  • Alignment within the project team on ultimate outcomes and goals, and critical areas to address  
  • Recommendations for institutional and/or project-level change management to support ongoing modernization and transformation  
  • A common leadership approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with change  

Gain change management support from our analysts and advisors throughout your institution’s modernization and transformation projects. 

Our Tambellini experts can advise institutional executives and leaders on: 

  • The considerations and next steps required to support a successful project, from deployment to post-launch 
  • Which change management activities can help course-correct challenges 
  • How to best partner with change management vendors 
  • Maintaining a successful change management program for your institution  

Enabling Change Both Big and Small

No matter the size of your project, Tambellini’s decades of higher education change leadership experience will help you:

  • Improve the likelihood of your project’s success
  • Quickly realize the value of your investment
  • Overcome silos with shared governance
  • Position your institution for continuous innovation

Examples of Where We Support Change Management Efforts

Data Governance
Improvement Planning
Integrations and
Best-of-Breed Solutions

A Goal-Oriented Approach

While our change management services engagements vary based on each institution’s needs, the core approach is the same—we focus on achieving your institution’s end goal, not just deploying a solution. We walk side-by-side with you through all the steps needed to reach your change management goals, ensuring you understand how to get there.

Businessman having video conference with businesswoman

Establishing Cultural Readiness

Prepare for project success by assessing, strategizing, and developing:

  • A clearly defined vision
  • Organizational readiness
  • Technology and skills readiness
  • Data readiness
Shortcut between points A and B

Addressing Obstacles

Draw out and successfully respond and address objections and concerns, such as:

  • Limited resources
  • Competing priorities
  • Time and bandwidth constraints
  • Communication silos
Stakeholder meeting around a table in board room

Gaining Stakeholder Buy-In

Effectively collaborate and communicate to raise awareness and achieve consensus on:

  • Shared goal(s)
  • Desired outcomes
  • Process
  • Roles and responsibilities

Strategies Backed by Research and Expertise

Tambellini offers the most extensive database of higher education research, paired with analyst and strategic advisor industry expertise. You can be confident in our guidance to manage change at your institution.

Meet the Advisors and Analysts

On-Demand Webinar:
How to Lead Change Initiatives at Your Institution

Watch to hear Tambellini analysts explore:

  • How to improve your projects’ impact and performance
  • Change leadership best practices
  • Critical senior leader engagement practices

Build a Foundation for Innovation by Embracing Change

Change management is one of the most important factors in the success of your modernization and transformation efforts. Consult with Tambellini to lead your institution through change from planning and preparation to adoption and beyond.

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