Research and Analysis for Institutions

Putting the right information at your fingertips so you can make better, faster, data-driven decisions that support business outcomes.

Research and Analysis for Institutions

Putting the right information at your fingertips so you can make better, faster, data-driven decisions that support business outcomes.

See Past the Marketing Hype with Unbiased Insights

Tambellini Group’s dedicated research and analyst teams help you cut through the marketing noise and industry buzz to understand what’s really happening—and worth paying attention to—in the higher education technology market. We keep you informed of the latest trends and help you understand the factors and outcomes that deliver results.

Tambellini Group’s Market Overview is an excellent option for any institution considering a significant technology transformation to understand the major market players and dynamics for that set of products. The interactive presentation and discussion, which will help you align on your institutional strategy, covers: 

  • Market trends and selections among similar institutions based on your institution’s priorities 
  • Cloud migration and deployment trends and factors to consider
  • Related technology trends, including:
    • Identity access management considerations and strategies to support data governance and cybersecurity efforts 
    • Data management trends, solutions, and approaches 
    • Integration and deployment options and strategies 

This interactive workshop-style presentation explores specific vendors, solutions, and considerations to help you evaluate different strategies and confirm your institution’s strategic direction. It’s a great option for institutions looking for strategic support and help narrowing technology options.

This custom vendor comparison report and presentation identifies similar institutions’ selections, evaluates and compares specific vendors and products, and identifies gaps and opportunities to reduce or eliminate your technical debt. It’s a great option for any institution looking for vendor and product analysis tailored to their needs to help make a technology decision.

Gain an unbiased analysis of your institution’s economic impact on the region surrounding your campus. Tambellini Group can leverage a variety of data, including constituent survey data and market indicators, to help you understand how your institution’s activities directly or indirectly affect various sectors within defined geographic areas.

From Planning to Selection: Research to Support All Modernization Phases

Whether you’re in the planning phase, deciding between products for a specific use case, or looking for a more comprehensive strategy or solution, Tambellini’s expansive research portfolio, analysts, and advisors are here to guide you. As a client, you’ll gain access to our Peertelligent® portal, where our research will help you:

  • Explore and understand your technology and service options
  • Uncover key features, functionality, integrations, services, and other factors to consider
  • Discover what vendors, systems, and solutions similar institutions are using
  • Gain insights from the outcomes and experiences of institutions addressing the same issues
  • Narrow your technology and service options to specific vendors based on your needs and budget

Access the Most Extensive Database of Higher Education Research

And the Experts Who Can Apply Findings to Meet Your Needs

With unbiased research reports and data on more than 104,000 technology selections from 21,000 higher education institutions, you’ll have ready access to credible third-party data to make informed decisions, build a successful business case, and gain internal buy-in. Plus, you’ll have a dedicated analyst to help you make sense of the research and apply findings to your institution’s needs, evolving priorities, and goals so you work smarter, faster.

See How We Apply Our Research Using Our Future Campus Framework

Our Commitment to Unbiased, Fact-Based Research

What does that mean? We do not partner with any higher education technology vendor. We do not have a financial stake in the outcome of an institution’s decision. We provide objective reporting on market trends, vendors and their offerings, and predictions of where we think the market and technology are headed based on our direct IT leadership experience.

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Michael Bisson: Vice President of Student Product Strategy at Workday
Michael Bisson
Vice President, Student Product Strategy
Workday logo

Michael joined Workday in 2013 seeding the Student project team and contributing to its initial architecture and design. Michael led the Product Management team as they designed the core student product and facilitated a three-year customer design partner program. Today, Michael leads the Product Strategy team responsible for determining market fit, competitive market intelligence, and overall product direction. Prior to joining Workday, Michael worked 16 years at Peoplesoft and Oracle in support of the Campus Solutions product in Product Management, Development, and Support. Michael has committed his professional career to the improvement of higher education management through the design and development of Student Information Systems.

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