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The Tambellini Group boasts the most experienced analyst and advisor team dedicated exclusively to higher education. Combined, our analysts and advisors have over 150 years of higher education experience, allowing them to offer expertise and credible advice to clients who are looking to support their institutional and technology strategies.


Vicki Tambellini
CEO and Founder; Principal Analyst
Katelyn Ilkani
President and COO; Principal Analyst
Mary Beth Cahill
Senior Analyst
Alpha Hamadou Ibrahim
Senior Analyst; Lead Data Scientist
Dave Kieffer
Principal Analyst
Abhidith Shetty
Data Analyst
Trevor Skelton
Analyst; Junior Data Scientist
Sue Spies
Senior Advisor
Jess Thomas
Senior Analyst
Matt Winn
Senior Analyst

Strategic Advisors

Thomas Battaglia
Strategic Advisor, Institutions
Karen Boudreau-Shea
Vice President, Advisory Services
Diana Fulkerson
Strategic Advisor, Solution Providers
Hampton Shive
Strategic Advisor, Institutions
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Our Areas of Expertise include:

  • Advancement/ Fundraising
  • Business Intelligence
  • Continuing Education
  • CRM
  • Cybersecurity
  • Grants Management
  • Finance
  • Financial Aid
  • HCM and Payroll
  • IAM
  • iPaaS
  • LMS
  • Recruitment and Admissions
  • Student
  • Student Success
  • Teaching and Learning

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Michael Bisson: Vice President of Student Product Strategy at Workday
Michael Bisson
Vice President, Student Product Strategy
Workday logo

Michael joined Workday in 2013 seeding the Student project team and contributing to its initial architecture and design. Michael led the Product Management team as they designed the core student product and facilitated a three-year customer design partner program. Today, Michael leads the Product Strategy team responsible for determining market fit, competitive market intelligence, and overall product direction. Prior to joining Workday, Michael worked 16 years at Peoplesoft and Oracle in support of the Campus Solutions product in Product Management, Development, and Support. Michael has committed his professional career to the improvement of higher education management through the design and development of Student Information Systems.

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