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Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications were adopted to accommodate the anticipated growth in enrollment and faculty at Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC). Read this research for insight.
TargetX, a Salesforce CRM platform, supports the entire student lifecycle through two solutions, TargetX Recruitment Suite and TargetX Retention Suite. Read this vendor profile to learn more.
This snapshot offers quick facts and insights about EAB’s Starfish, a student success platform with numerous capabilities.
EAB Navigate, a student success management system, is a predictive model and analytics platform that helps institutions identify and eliminate barriers to student progress. Read this research to learn more about Navigate, including best practices, client institutions, and more.
Enrollment Rx is a comprehensive student recruitment and admissions solution with a portfolio including events management, a form and portal builder, marketing automation, and more. Gain more knowledge with this research.
Although acquired by Salesforce in 2019, Tableau is a stand-alone product offering data visualization capabilities. A total of four tools compromises the platform, in addition to a public data service. Learn more about Tableau with this research.
Affinaquest Advancement Cloud is a cloud-native solution designed to be customizable founded upon four pillars—core advancement, constituent engagement, analytics, and business intelligence and data enrichment. Learn more about this modern tool.
Element451 is a critical contender in the admissions and recruitment space. Read this research to learn more about Element451—the company and the solution.
Microsoft’s Power BI enables users to drill into real-time and long-term data to analyze and use as a basis for business decisions. Read this research to learn more about the product and its advantages.
In recent months, institutions have significantly invested in student success platforms, supporting advising and retention. This research offers insight into the evolving definition of student success, vendors developing modern solutions, and more.

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