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After 30 years, Calvin University's highly customizable legacy enterprise systems were due for an upgrade. To transition the on-premises systems to a modern technology environment, the institution selected Workday and Alchemy. Read this case study for more.
Ready to take its administrative system to the cloud, Concordia University, St. Paul, required a cloud hosting provider and third-party support for a successful transition. Read this research to learn more.
The need for cloud services in higher education is evident, and although migrations are increasing, most institutions still need guidance. Read this guide to learn about recommendations and considerations before moving to the cloud.
The business intelligence and analytics market is changing, leaving institutions to make hard decisions under pressure. This guide provides best practices to assist institutions' BI and analytics efforts in selecting modern tools. Learn more.
California Polytechnic State University’s (Cal Poly) legacy data center was in dire need of an upgrade. Cal Poly migrated its data center and core systems to the cloud via Amazon Web Services and added benefits for its whole community. Read for more.
Now more than ever, institutions need to address the highly complex landscape within higher education and consider how to modernize their IAM practices This guide deeply delves into understanding best practices for identity access management and identity governance and administration.
Barry University required an identity and access management solution to enhance its user experience and meet its robust MFA functionality and data reporting needs. The institution selected Microsoft Azure AD as its IAM platform. Learn more.
The University of Virginia (UVA) required a modern enterprise research application to better support its research community in data collection and business processes. Impressed by Huron Research Suite, UVA selected it as its solution.
Carthage College was ready for a modern administrative system in 2018. The college wanted a solution that supported its strategic goals, and partners who could help deployment run smoothly. Read this report to learn about the selected providers.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a purpose-built set of cloud infrastructure and platform services and is offered with a growing number of supporting services. Read this research to learn more about the solution and its functionality.

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