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Offering catalog and curriculum management while tying in course and room scheduling in one platform, Coursedog is a good option for schools looking to optimize for operational and financial sustainability. Read this snapshot for more on Coursedog.
With student success and its data directly linked to retention and enrollment, this brief offers insight into student analytic platforms—a tool used to bring multiple data sources together for analysis.
Looking to modernize, Wesleyan University adopted Advancement Cloud—a cloud-based CRM solution. Read this case study to learn more about the product, Wesleyan’s review, implementation details, and more.
Acquired by SofterWare in 2020, Causeview and its higher ed tool, Advancement, leverage the Salesforce CRM platform to support various functionalities. Gain knowledge on the vendor, the product, and more with this research.
Seeking to help address enrollment goals and financial aid initiatives, Othot offers an enterprise analytics platform consisting of four integrated modules. Utilize this research to learn about the solution, things to consider, pricing, and more.
In 2018, the California State University needed to simplify its technology on campus. This case study offers insight into CSU’s decision to implement an integration platform instead of a new student system.
HelioCampus offers an enterprise analytics platform. Get quick facts about HelioCampus and its client institutions and learn about problems this vendor solves, things to consider, implementation and best practices, integrations, security, and more.
Serosoft offers Academia Student Information System, a core student solution. Learn about the problems solved by this solution, things to consider, implementation and best practices, integrations, security, and more.
This vendor profile highlights the thankQ CRM solution and its data tools, finance, events, and fundraising modules. Use this research to inform strategy planning and Advancement technology selection.
This case study provides insight into Coppin State University’s selection of Anthology, specifically Anthology Reach, an enterprise-wide CRM solution, and offers information about implementation, specific solution benefits, and more.

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