Establishing a Data Management Program

Top of Mind: Establishing a Data Management Program

Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries Tambellini analysts are receiving about data management, I want to resurface this blog post that I wrote last June. It starts by outlining the benefits of a full data management program. CTOs, CIOs, and other IT leaders tell us that getting clear on these benefits helps them explain […]

Decreasing the Risk to Security Threats Starts with Sound Data Governance

Top of MInd: Decreasing the Risk to Security Threats Starts with Sound Data Governance

As news breaks on increased cybersecurity threats, CIO leaders often find themselves filling in the gaps and dealing with the most pressing issues regarding data and the possibility of a breach. As noted in a recent article by Inside Higher Ed1, cybersecurity company BlueVoyant published research about the increase in attacks on higher education institutions from […]

Data Governance in Higher Education

Top of MInd POdcast: Data Governance in Higher Education

Tambellini Top of Mind Podcast host Katelyn Ilkani interviews Augie Freda, Data Steward at the University of Notre Dame, about data governance. Freda explains how Notre Dame manages data and secures student privacy. He points out the importance of considering the size and source of the data when making decisions.  Highlights include: How have approaches […]

Identity Management and Governance Technology Brief

Identity Management and Governance Tech Brief from Tambellini Group

Why Read This Research Identity management and governance refers to a set of overlapping technologies for managing users’ identities and access privileges. Though many vendors provide both on-premises and SaaS solutions, cloud-based identity solutions are the focus of this brief. The SaaS solutions, which lagged in functionality just a few years ago, are maturing to […]

How the University of Rochester Initiated a Data Governance Plan

read University of Rochester Tech Solutions Case Study

Why Read This Research The University of Rochester had a decentralized approach to managing its data. Data originated from multiple platforms and was stored in multiple platforms. Each domain of institutional data was often only accessed by the department working with the platform housing the data set. In the summer of 2018, committed to prioritizing […]