Contract Negotiations for Higher Education Technology

Thursday, June 27
1:00–2:00 p.m. EST

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Higher education IT executives who are evaluating large ERP systems are poised to make a decision that will have a long-term and significant operational and financial impact on their institutions. While CIOs and tech leaders have highly desired skills, such as leading large teams, forging technology transformation, and driving results across an institution, they may only experience complex, high stakes negotiations with major ERP vendors and implementation partners a few times during their careers.  Partnering with a group that understands the marketplace, knows the players and can help navigate the business, financial and legal complexities inherent in these types of transactions can help a higher education IT executive streamline the negotiations and maximize the benefits he or she can achieve for the institution.

The Tambellini Group works hand in hand with IT executives and their teams to identify the institution’s key objectives and to advance those objectives during the RFP and contracting process, which helps the institution achieve better results across the board. In this quarterly roundtable, we provide insights into the negotiation process, marketplace trends on the business and legal sides and key areas on which to focus when selecting and negotiating with ERP vendors and implementation partners.

Highlights include:

Panel participants:

Leslie F. Spasser


Polsinelli PC

Vicki Tambellini

President & CEO

The Tambellini Group

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