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Provides Expert Consultation and Guidance for Managing Cyber Risks

Irvington, Virginia – July 27, 2017 –  The Tambellini Group, the world’s leading independent research and advisory firm dedicated exclusively to higher education, today announced the establishment of the first cybersecurity advisory service tailored for the specific needs of higher education.

The Tambellini Group recognized the vital need for a higher education-focused Cybersecurity Advisory Practice, and created a personalized approach to manage risk and protect the privacy of students, parents, faculty and staff. The practice offers strategic guidance including:

“We have identified the need for a holistic Cybersecurity Advisory Practice addressing the complex cybersecurity threat landscape faced by higher education,” said Vicki Tambellini, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Tambellini Group. “Students are particularly vulnerable to cyberattack, due to their tendencies to reuse passwords and accept social media invitations from strangers, as well as their expectations of 24×7 information availability.”

“Furthermore,” Tambellini continued, “higher education institutions collect and store valuable information that attackers want, such as student and parent data. By storing financial data, health data, and social security numbers – as well as intellectual property such as proprietary research and patent data – institutions are a prime target. Unfortunately, aging IT infrastructures and constrained budgets are hindering the institutions’ ability to readily protect their information.”

The Tambellini Group Cybersecurity Advisory Practice is led by Katelyn Ilkani, Vice President, Cybersecurity Research, and includes collaboration with top cybersecurity experts nationwide and globally.


About The Tambellini Group
The Tambellini Group (TTG) is the only independent research and analyst firm dedicated exclusively to higher education. With a database of the technology selections of more than 18,900 global institutions, and with a team of analysts and researchers who have decades of higher education expertise, TTG offers unbiased analysis and objective insight on education technology and market trends with verifiable data. TTG helps higher education executives, business leaders, and the investment community make fact-based technology decisions to achieve their key strategic goals. Founded in 2001, TTG is a woman-owned business headquartered in Irvington, Virginia.

Media Contact:
Mary McDaniel, Chief Marketing Officer
The Tambellini Group
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Cybersecurity Advisory Practice Contact:
Katelyn Ilkani, VP, Cybersecurity Research
The Tambellini Group
(p) 919.605.1415