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6 Concepts to Change your Life, your World, your Work or your Health

by Vicki Tambellini

6 Concepts to Change your Life, your World, your Work or your Health
There are 6 concepts that you can apply to your life that I have found to improve any situation. None of the concepts are difficult and the odds are that you are already incorporating some of them already.
Taken individually, authors have written about the value of the concepts. Some have written about several of these as valuable combinations of personal attributes. Upon reflection, it’s in combining all six of these concepts that the most positive outcomes can occur.
Acceptance-Whether it’s your crummy job or your health, you’ve first got to come to terms with the facts.  I do not mean that you have to accept a situation that is unacceptable. The point is to remove denial. For one person this might be accepting that obesity is a disease. Another may need to come to terms with the loss of a job or a missed promotion. The first step to moving forward, is to come to terms with reality. In this way, you can begin to move forward.
Wisdom –Learn. If it’s health, career, what can you do next? Wisdom is a gift. Wisdom comes in many forms. For some, it’s in the answer to prayer. In the Catholic religion, Wisdom is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom is also the result of taking the time to learn. Research your options. Ask colleagues for help and advice. Utilize the resources that are available to you to determine your options.
Growth-Take the next steps. Growth takes courage. In order to grow, you may have to experience loss or set-backs. Take new risks and challenge yourself to consider another perspective. Use unfamiliar situations to find new opportunities to grow personally and professionally.
Gratitude-Find something to be grateful for. Start a journal. Say it aloud. Start with something small if you must. “I’m grateful for the heat in the office.” The more grateful you are, the happier you will become. Be grateful for things you “wish” to be true for yourself. “I’m grateful for the career that I love.” or “I’m grateful for the boss that respects my ideas.” Gratitude is an amazing gift. Having a grateful outlook can change your view of the world. It will change your interactions with others.
Release-Let go of the things that are no longer useful to you. This means everything from the clutter on your desk to the stuff in your garage. It’s also the junk in your head that you do not need any more. If “it” is no longer serving you, let it go! Replace the negative messages in your head with positive ones. Instead of hearing yourself say, “I wish I hadn’t opened my mouth.” replace the thought with “I’m grateful that I have courage to say what I think.” I hope you get the idea. Clutter keeps you stuck in the past, or in the present where you do not want to be!
Affirm-Affirmations are an excellent tool for success. The goal for affirmations is to repeat positive messages so that they are true in your life. Say the affirmations that you most need to be true, and you improve the chances that they will come true for you. When I started practicing this a few years ago, I could not think of any affirmations on my own. I had to use affirmations that other people gave me. If this is true for you, do not worry. Affirmations come with practice. You can use affirmations to improve any part of your life. I’ll give you a few career ideas to get you started:
I love my job and the environment that I work in.
The people that I work with are trustworthy and honest.
My boss honors and respects my opinions.
My work is appreciated and I am respected in the office.
I am compensated fairly for the contributions I make to my organization.
The 6 concepts have helped me a lot in the past few years, and I hope they will help you too.
Vicki Tambellini
President and CEO
The Tambellini Group and Enterprise Hive

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