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Member Webinar: Higher Ed IT Trends

Analyst-Client Roundtable for Institutions with Tambellini Memberships

Higher Ed IT Trends: 2018 in Review and Looking Ahead to 2019

Tuesday, December 18
1:00–2:00 p.m. EST

There is no slowing down technology within the higher education arena. It’s nearly impossible to keep up as the digital transformation accelerates, constituents increase their demands, and infrastructure continues to age. Let Tambellini filter through the noise and highlight those trends and events within 2018 that are most meaningful and see how they could apply to your institution’s scenario. That will be covered in our upcoming webinar, which examines higher education enterprise technology. Plus, our analysts see trends on the 2019 horizon and will offer predictions and suggestions about what you should consider within your long-term plans.

Here is a glimpse of what we’ll cover:

  • Where the market has experienced significant growth in IT selections.
  • Oracle’s cloud solution has an answer for non-traditional programs with support for traditional programs to follow next year.
  • Workday goes live with a much-anticipated offering in one institution with several more targeted to roll out in 2019.
  • Microsoft is increasing its presence within higher education through partnerships with leading software providers.
  • Cloud is maturing rapidly and an increasing number of institutions are migrating from on-premises with greater speed.
  • How institutions tackle the need for modern functionality with an aging system—what’s realistic, what’s not.
  • Learn how institutions are using data analytics to make data driven decision.

Panel participants:

Vicki Tambellini photo
Vicki Tambellini
President & CEO
Mary Beth Cahill photo
Mary Beth Cahill
VP of Research

Institutions with a Tambellini membership, reserve your spot and register today.

Have questions about higher education technology trends? We’d be happy to address as time allows. Please send to Jeff Levine before December 18. And, we welcome your interest in other topics for future webinars—just send us a note.

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