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Member Webinar: The Student Success Transformation


The Student Success Transformation

Tuesday, December 17
1:00–2:00 p.m. EST


Student success is a growing term, like cloud technologies, in higher education, where the definition isn’t a one size fits all. What does student success mean to higher education? And why does it differ from institution to institution?

Tambellini analysts Karen Boudreau-Shea, Dave Kieffer, and Katelyn Ilkani discuss how student success has transformed from meeting enrollment and retention goals to preparing students for multiple careers after graduation; and how technology is trying to address the needs of the lifelong learning community of students.

Key takeaways include:

  • The evolving definition of student success
  • The role of technology in enabling student success
  • How can institutions strategically align to focus on student success
  • How can The Tambellini Group support institutions with their student success initiatives

Panel participants:

  • Katelyn Ilkani
  • Karen Boudreau-Shea
  • Dave Kieffer

Institutions with a Tambellini membership, register today to reserve your spot.

Have specific student success questions you want us to address? Please send them by December 16. And, we welcome your interest in other topics for future webinars—just send us a note.

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