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New Company Announcement: Villa Learn, LLC Delivers a Gaming Platform and Branded Learning Certification Software-as-a-Service

Villa Learn announces that it has launched and is fully operational with customers and partners.Software-as-a-Service applications or applet-based solutions from VillaLearn include branded learning certification, enterprise chat and a gaming platform.

Learning never stops!

Developing Apps for Everyone

Villa Learn,LLC. Villa Learn develops, markets and supports web and mobile apps orwidgets that enhance and reinforce social, formal and informal learningbehaviors. Branded learning certification, enterprise chat and a newgaming platform are three of the new apps from Villa Learn.

The company’s portfolio of apps or applet-based solutions are cloudservice offerings that enhance the training, development and educationof an organization’s employees, association’s members or a company’scustomers. Customers rely on Villa Learn apps for ease of use, quickinstallation, non-technical configuration to meet specific needs withoutcostly and time-consuming implementation schedules.

“Presenting new apps that support life-long learning, careerbuilding, customer engagement and learning outcomes while providing areturn on investment for many organizations with professional orworkforce development programs is rewarding work,” said Chief ExecutiveOfficer Vicki Tambellini. “Organizations that utilize our apps will beable to open revenue channels that have been inaccessible or unknown.”

About Villa Learn, LLC

Villa Learn develops, markets and supports software-as-a-service appsto improve employee productivity, improve learning outcomes, increasecustomer loyalty, improve customer satisfaction, and improve userengagement with websites. Apps are configured to each customer’sspecifications. Villa Learn is a woman-owned business headquartered inIrvington, VA with an office in Rochester, New York.

Villa Learn is affiliated with Enterprise Hive, LLC which develops social business software solutions, and with The Tambellini Group which provides market research and investment capital.

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