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SIS Market Research Report Confirms Higher Ed Embracing New Solutions

With Student Information Systems (SIS) selections on an upward trend, institutions are selecting vended solutions from top vendors and relative new-comers according to a new, vendor independent SIS market research report.

Irvington, VA- A new independent research report just released by The Tambellini Group (TTG) whose mission is to help institutions make better decisions based on data, clearly shows that in 2014 more institutions selected a new SIS than in recent years. Institutions are considering the cost of maintaining legacy systems, upgrading to the next version of existing vendor solutions and replacing legacy systems with new vendor offerings.

In 2014 a significant number of Campus Management Customers selected Campus Nexus over the alternatives. The report reviews the number, size and type of institutions selecting Campus Management. In depth reviews of vendor selections by institution size and type are provided to reveal trends by vendor.

“The research covered in the 2015 TTG SIS report shows that cloud solutions are changing the competitive landscape of education technology decisions including student information systems” said Vicki Tambellini, CEO of The Tambellini Group and co-author of the report. “With the continued pressure of tight budgets and focus on affordability, there is a growing interest among institutions in the United States in replacing or upgrading legacy Student Information Systems with modern technology.”

In addition to data related to higher education SIS selections segmented by institution type, this report includes in-depth coverage of the top higher education SIS vendors including identifying vendor trends, strengths and product roadmaps. The top vendors covered include: Campus Management Corporation, Ellucian, Jenzabar, Oracle, RJM SONISWEB and Three Rivers Systems. Insight and analysis on the top vendor’s implementation partners as well as a section on “Companies to Watch” are all components of this major report.

The “Companies to Watch” section delivers important insight into new student solutions on the horizon of general availability and have the potential to disrupt the SIS market. In-depth coverage on companies such as KualiCo, SAP, Unit4, and Workday are in this section.

The Tambellini Group has published this comprehensive report for the past seven years specifically to help higher education institutions make better informed SIS selections. The report is not sponsored by any vendor and is completely unbiased as all research is conducted by TTG. All vendors are reviewed with equal consideration.

Institutions or vendors interested in learning more about the report can visit The Tambellini Group website at www.thetambellini.group. For a limited time, special pricing is being offered for higher education institutions.

About The Tambellini Group
The Tambellini Group, LLC is the world’s leading market research and advisory firm for higher education executives, organizations and investment firms interested in higher education market research, vendor contract negotiations and market research and analysis. TTG delivers detailed quantitative and qualitative technology research, insight and analysis specifically for education and enables informed decisions based on data. Executive level skills and services include strategic advice for executives, market research, contract negotiations with administrative systems, technology vendors and service providers, and published thought leadership on business and technology issues.
The data analyzed for this report are derived from the TTG Education Institution Technology Profile Database™, the world’s most comprehensive catalog of 53,300 education technology selections made by institutions worldwide. The Education Institution Technology Profile Database™ contains SIS records for more than 5,600 U.S. higher education institutions, including accredited and non-accredited schools. The total size of the Education Institution Technology Profile Database™ exceeds 18,900 global institutions, and includes data in categories such as most recent systems selected for human resources, financial systems, learning management systems, advancement/alumni systems, student/faculty/staff email and library systems.


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