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Tambellini Research Published on Women in Technology Leadership

Irvington, Virginia – October 23, 2017 – The Tambellini Group, the world’s leading independent research and advisory firm dedicated exclusively to higher education, today announced the release of a new premium report entitled Women in Technology Leadership. The report examines industry statistics showing that women are under-represented in the technology industry—including higher education.

The Tambellini Group conducted primary research within the higher education technology industry to study why women’s attitudes toward mentorship, career advancement, and retirement tend to be so different than those of their male counterparts. Both women and men in CIO positions, as well as technology leadership positions, were surveyed and three questions were asked:

  1. Why do you think fewer women seek mentors than their male counterparts?
  2. Why do you think fewer women may seek the top leadership role?
  3. If women retire according to plan, they will retire at a younger age than their male counterparts. Why might this be?

This report also includes highlights from more than 40 one-on-one interviews with CIOs and technology leaders in higher education. “One of the most compelling features of this report is the valuable insights and lessons from the personal interviews,” said Vicki Tambellini, President and CEO of The Tambellini Group, and author of the report. “Along with each lesson, we provided three sample affirmations to support the lesson topic. The goal of each set of affirmations is to provide positive guidance and encouragement in dealing with each lesson topic.”

The research in this study was in part inspired by Dr. Wayne Brown and the annual Center for Higher Education CIO Studies, Inc. (CHECS) report.

The report is available to members of The Tambellini Group through the Peertelligent® service for higher education institutions or the Tambellini Market Insights℠ service for education technology vendors. See Tambellini Women in Technology Leadership for details and subscription information.

About The Tambellini Group
The Tambellini Group (Tambellini) is the only independent analyst and advisory firm dedicated exclusively to higher education. With a team of analysts and researchers who have decades of higher education expertise, and a database of the technology selections of more than 18,900 global institutions, Tambellini offers unbiased analysis and objective insight on education technology and market trends with verifiable data. Tambellini helps higher education executives, business leaders, and the investment community make fact-based technology decisions to achieve their key strategic goals. Founded in 2001, Tambellini is a woman-owned business headquartered in Irvington, Virginia. www.thetambellinigroup.com, telephone (804) 438-9393.

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